Christmas Eve RunAs Radio show 400

Last week we joined our wonderful friend (he MC’d our wedding in 2007) Richard Campbell for RunAs Radio show #400, where we jet-laggedly discuss all kinds of stuff, even occasionally getting technical!

You can download it here.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

PS We also did the 200th show back in 2011 – see here.

New RunAsRadio podcast with me, Kimberly, Brent

At the end of every SQLintersection conference we have a closing Q&A session where we answer audience questions about anything to do with SQL Server. It’s very popular with attendees and we have a lot of fun on stage. Last week when we did it, our good friend Richard Campbell (of .Net Rocks! fame, which we’ve been on quite a few times), MC’d the session and we recorded everything as a RunAsRadio podcast. We’re going to do that every time we do a conference as it worked out really well and lets us share some of the conference with all of you.

The recording has now been published. It’s about an hour long and you can get it here.


RunAs Radio show #200… not our most technical show…

Last Friday our great friends Richard Campbell (who MC'd our wedding) and Greg Hughes invited us to record their 200th RunAs Radio podcast with them – a signal honor for which we thank them deeply!

We've both been on RunAs Radio (and .Net Rocks!) before but this show was meant to be a fun tour around a whole variety of topics. If nothing else, you have to listen in to hear what I was wearing in tribute to the 200th show…. listeners beware!

Congratulations Greg and Richard – keep up the great work!

You can get to the show here.