Christmas Eve RunAs Radio show 400

Last week we joined our wonderful friend (he MC’d our wedding in 2007) Richard Campbell for RunAs Radio show #400, where we jet-laggedly discuss all kinds of stuff, even occasionally getting technical! You can download it here. Enjoy and Happy Holidays! PS We also did the 200th show back in 2011 – see here.

New RunAsRadio podcast with me, Kimberly, Brent

At the end of every SQLintersection conference we have a closing Q&A session where we answer audience questions about anything to do with SQL Server. It’s very popular with attendees and we have a lot of fun on stage. Last week when we did it, our good friend Richard Campbell (of .Net Rocks! fame, which […]

RunAs Radio show #200… not our most technical show…

Last Friday our great friends Richard Campbell (who MC'd our wedding) and Greg Hughes invited us to record their 200th RunAs Radio podcast with them – a signal honor for which we thank them deeply! We've both been on RunAs Radio (and .Net Rocks!) before but this show was meant to be a fun tour around […]

RunAs Radio interview with Paul and Kimberly

Last week we sat down with our good friends Richard Campbell and Greg Hughes of RunAs Radio and recorded an interview about how to learn effectively, plus some of the usual nonsense and insults. Check it out at Enjoy!

Paul and Kimberly interview from MVP Summit

For about 6 months we'd bee trying to hook up online with SharePoint MVP Hilton Geisenow for an interview but unfortunately the bandwidth to South Africa is pretty limited so we decided to wait until the recent MVP Summit in Redmond, WA. We managed to hook up and record an interview for Hilton and he's just published […]

10-minute TV interview with me and Kimberly, plus a big announcement

While we were at Connections in Orlando in April, we sat down with our good friend Carl Franklin to discuss the conference, life, and a big announcement. Check it out at Enjoy!

Paul on .NET Rocks! again

A couple of weeks ago while Kimberly was in Mountain View at the same client I'm at, our good friend Richard Campbell sent me email saying 'Bored? How about doing a .NET Rocks!?'. I haven't been on the show since the infamous 'coming out' episode in 2007 where we hijacked Kimberly and mercilessly taunted her […]

New interview of me

We're onsite with a great client down here in (very hot) Houston and Kimberly's lecturing right now so I'm digging around finding some info on problems they're seeing. Saw that Tom (aka. SQLRockstar) had posted the email interview we recently did and wanted to get it out there. If nothing else, checkout the photo link in […]

TechNet Radio interview on partitioning (Kimberly)

Kimberly also did an interview with TechNet Radio back in December – this time about partitioning. The links for the interview are: WMA – MP3 hi-bandwidth – MP3 lo-bandwith – Enjoy!

TechNet Radio interview on database corruption

Well, we're back from vacation finally (only for 10 days and then off to India and Thailand for 3 weeks… phew) and I've got a bunch of blogs posts to catch up on. First up – I did an interview with TechNet Radio in mid-December where I talked about database corruption and things to do […]

Paul and Kimberly TechNet Radio interview from PASS

While we were at PASS we hooked up with Eric Ostrowski from TechNet Radio to do an interview. Eric's compiled a bunch of interviews from PASS into a 36 minute broadcast which is now live. Our section starts about 26 minutes in and runs to the end (but if you have time its worth listening […]

Life on SQL Server 2008 – PASS interview with a large-scale user

During the PASS Community Summit, Rick Heiges did an interview with Thomas Grohser, the Senior Database Engineer at the bwin Interactive Entertainment AG, the world's largest online gambling company. This is the private client Kimberly and I were onsite with for a week last month in Vienna before heading to Barcelona for TechEd. In the […]

RunAs Radio interview on indexes (and future projects…)

For the first time in ages, Kimberly sneaked in an interview without me! I was teaching a class on Database Maintenance for some Microsoft DBAs and Kimberly recorded a RunAs Radio interview on her favorite subject – indexes. I love listening to her talk about indexes – or maybe I just like the sound of […]

RunAs Radio interview on FILESTREAM

This is the second of the two sessions I recently recorded with Richard and Greg on RunAs Radio (the first one on being an “involuntary DBA” is here). I’ve just finished the final edited version of a whitepaper for Microsoft on the FILESTREAM feature of SQL Server 2008 and this session goes into details of why […]

RunAs Radio interview on being an “involuntary DBA”

On Tuesday I recorded a couple of sessions with Richard and Greg on RunAs Radio. It’s been a while since either Kimberly or I have been on the show – last November at TechEd in Barcelona. In the first session we discussed what it is to be an “involuntary DBA” – someone who’s thrown into the […]

TechEd Online Panel Video: Building a Solid High-Availability Strategy

While we were at TechEd in June, Kimberly and I participated in an hour-long discussion panel (Leveraging SQL Server Technologies to Build a Solid High-Availability Strategy) that was video-taped by the TechEd Online folks. It’s now been edited and is available for download/viewing. We cover everything from requirements analysis to technology details in SQL Server […]

TechNet Radio interview with Paul and Kimberly on SQL Server 2008 – Part 2

The second part of our radio interview with TechNet has been released (see here for part 1). In this installment we discuss troubleshooting and manageability in SQL Server 2008. You can get to it by going to the March 11th 2008 show here. Enjoy!

TechNet Radio interview with Paul and Kimberly on SQL Server 2008 – Part 1

Wow – almost 10 days without a blog post – that must be a record for me! :-) Never fear – I'll be posting more over the next couple of weeks. Kimberly flew off to India yesterday to teach some Microsoft classes and unfortunately I couldn't join her this time as I'm teaching 3 classes […]

Paul and Kimberly interview on RunAs Radio – What’s New in SQL Server 2008?

While we were in Barcelona we sat down with Richard Campbell and Greg Hughes from RunAs Radio to record a 1/2 hour interview on SQL Server 2008. We touch on a ton of different features (look at the number of Categories I’ve tagged this with!) and have a bunch of laughs along the way – […]

Kimberly & Paul interview with SSWUG TV

On the last day of SQL Connections a couple of weeks back we did a 20 minute TV interview with Steve Wynkoop of SSWUG. Apart from the mandatory mention of our favorite game Blokus, we discussed a bunch of new features coming in SQL Server 2008 while I struggled not to say ‘we’ instead of ‘they’ […]

Kimberly & Paul interview from TechEd IT Forum

(Oops – deleted this by accident – re-entering it.) Day 1 for us here in Barcelona was pretty tiring. After flying in from Seattle on Monday, and waking up with jet-lag on Tuesday at 2am, we did 4 sessions during the day, with 8 more to go by Friday. By the time we got back […]