The Euclidian Geometry of Eggs

One problem (the only one!) of going on vacation with Kimberly is that can be hard to banish SQL Server completely from conversation. Over breakfast this morning we were discussing the pros and cons of advising someone to use sp_attach_single_file_db as a way to shrink an out-of-control transaction log – with careful guidance it can be […]

Another year, another TechEd over…

TechEd US is done for another year! As I mentioned before, we did a lot of stuff but still found time to chill by the pool a few times in the Speaker Hotel. This was my first US TechEd since leaving Microsoft last year so it was quite interesting seeing the organizational side of things from […]

Using the Dedicated Admin Connection to fix Msg 8992: corrupt system tables

Today I presented my brand new session Surviving Corruption: From Detection to Recovery at TechEd. I had a lot of fun putting together the demos, presenting the session, and talking to people afterwards. During the session, I promised to blog each of the demos so that everyone can run through them – here's the first one. […]

CHECKDB From Every Angle: Using DBCC PAGE to find what repair will delete

(I’m actually on-stage here at TechEd doing the  DAT track pre-con with Kimberly – she’s on now until lunch so I’m catching up on forum problems…) Here’s a question that came up on of the corruption forums I monitor that I think is worth blogging about. To paraphrase: I have a bunch of corruptions in […]

Search Engine Q&A #19: Misconceptions around index rebuilds (allocation, BULK_LOGGED mode, locking)

Over the last few weeks I've seen (and helped correct) quite a few myths and misconceptions about index rebuild operations. There's enough now to make it worthwhile doing a blog post (and it's too hot here in Orlando for us to go sit by the pool so we're both sitting here blogging)… Myth 1:  index […]

Off to TechEd US ITPro tomorrow!

That time has rolled around again and we’re flying down to Orlando for TechEd US tomorrow – my first US TechEd since I left Microsoft. We’re doing a lot of stuff this year – here’s our schedule if you’re going to be there: Monday Full day pre-con seminar: SQL Server 2008 Overview for DBAs Tuesday […]