Don't expect any activity here for at least a couple of weeks as we're leaving today for a long-overdue dive trip (on the Belize Aggressor) – our first diving for almost 18 months. I'll post lots of photos in December… In the meantime, please go run the index survey code from my last post – the […]

SQLskills community mentoring

Jonathan Kehayias is such a nice guy. After our recent perf tuning Immersion Event in Chicago last month he had an idea for each of us to pick someone who's attended a SQLskills class and offer general mentoring (career, technical, professional development – whatever) to them for a few hours a month for six months. […]

Survey: wasted space from cluster keys (code to run)

Continuing with my "index health" series, I've got another piece of code for you to run. This time I'm interested in the number of columns in your clustered indexes and the consequent amount of nonclustered index space used by the clustered index keys. Again, you're going to be really interested to see the results on […]

Code to list index counts per table

Yesterday I blogged about how having too few or too many nonclustered indexes can be a big problem for performance (see here). Today I’m posting some code you can run which will print out the number of indexes for each table in each database on an instance. I made it print a result set per […]

Over and under indexing – how bad is it out there?

Back at the start of August I kicked off a survey (see here) that gave you some code to run to produce an aggregate list of the number of tables on your server with different numbers of nonclustered indexes. I got back results from more than 1000 servers across the world – a big thank you […]