SQLskills at SQL Server Connections in March

In a month's time SQL Server 2012 will launch and one of the main events will be the annual SQL Server Connections – this year in Las Vegas, March 26-29. See here for registration details. We've put together another great show (Kimberly and I are the conference co-chairs) and Kimberly, Jonathan, and I will all […]

Survey: memory configuration

Time for another survey – this time around memory configuration. Here is some code to run if you're on SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 (thanks Jonathan!): SELECT     [physical_memory_in_bytes] AS [PhysMemBytes],     [physical_memory_in_use_kb] AS [PhysMemInUseKB],     [available_physical_memory_kb] AS [PhysMemAvailKB],     [locked_page_allocations_kb] AS [LPAllocKB],     [max_server_memory] AS [MaxSvrMem],     [min_server_memory] AS [MinSvrMem] FROM     sys.dm_os_sys_info […]

Underwater photos from Indonesia – nudibranchs

  (A pair of Much-Desired Flabellinas mating.) We spent most of January in Indonesia and as part of the trip we spent 11 days on the fabulous Paradise Dancer live-aboard dive boat diving in the most bio-diverse waters in the world. The reefs were really healthy and there was an overwhelming abundance of life under the […]

Code to list potential cluster key space savings per table

Back in January I posted the results of the cluster key size survey I ran in 2011 and explained how the larger the cluster key is on your table, the more space is being wasted in all the nonclustered index rows. Check it out if you haven't already. I've finally put together the code that […]