Multiple log files and why they’re bad

About a month ago I kicked off a survey with some code to run to figure out how many log files your databases have (see here). There are all kinds of misconceptions about transaction logs and how to configure them (and how they work) and I’m amazed at the misinformation I continue to see published.¬†For […]

All SQLskills 2013 Immersion Events open for registration!

All of our 2013 public classes are now open for registration! Based on requests from people, attendee ratings of the hotels we used this year, and the ease of using hotels we know, we’re using the same locations again. This means we cover both sides of the US, central US, and Europe. Please know that […]

Do you want free hardware? We can help!

Our hardware guru, Glenn Berry, recently recorded a podcast with our good friends at RunAs Radio about the licensing changes in SQL Server 2012 and how many people are now finding they have hardware they can't fully utilize without spending a bunch more money. The podcast was published today and you can listen to it […]

CHECKDB internals: what is the BlobEater?

Several times over the last month, I've been asked about the query that drives DBCC CHECKDB and other consistency checking commands, which has a variable called BlobEater in it. In this post I'd like to explain what the query is doing. In my previous post in the CHECKDB From Every Angle series, How does DBCC […]

SQLskills training goes online worldwide (and free in September!)

We can make SQL Server scale really well, but we can't scale ourselves. Although our Immersion Events are extremely popular, and in high demand, we can't spend all year traveling and teaching, and we can't come to everyone's favorite location, so we have to limit the number that we can do. Our 2013 public training […]