When the going gets tough, the tough hide under the table

That's a quote from one of my favorite comedy shows, Blackadder.  With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the North East Coast of the US today, whether you're in its path or not, it's a good time to consider what your reaction will be when faced with a disaster that affects the data you're responsible for. […]

Survey: do you have a baseline?

For the last few weeks I've been thinking about performance baselines, mostly because I've been producing Erin's new Pluralsight course on Benchmarking and Baselining. It got me thinking that it would be interesting to know how many of you are using baselines, and what for, and if not, why not. So I present to you […]

Parent transaction ID in 2012 fn_dblog output

All kinds of little bits of information have been added to the output of various DMVs, functions, and commands in SQL Server 2012. One which I only discovered recently, and about which I’m really excited (ok, I should probably get out more :-), is the inclusion of the parent transaction ID in the output of […]