IEAzure Online Delivery 20210223 - 1 Year


SQLskills IEAzure: Immersion Event on Azure SQL Database, VMs, Azure Managed Instance

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Instructor: Tim Radney

Delivery: Recorded over 6 half-days, February 23-23-24 and March 2-3-4, 2021

SQL Server Version: Recorded on SQL Server 2019 and the latest version of Azure / Azure ML

Daily Delivery Format:

  • RECORDED: 90 minutes of lecture
  • RECORDED: Up to 30 minutes of Q&A
  • 30 minute break (not recorded)
  • RECORDED: 90 minutes of lecture
  • RECORDED: Up to 60 minutes of Q&A

Total Length of the Recorded Course: x hours, y minutes, and z seconds (will be calculated/updated shortly… the last delivery was over 24 hours!)

Access: Purchasing this product gives you access to all of the course resources and streaming of course recordings for 1 year from activation (payment received).


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