Custom Onsite SQL Server Training

At SQLskills, we recognize that not every company can send their entire team offsite to attend an event so we also offer custom onsite training.

Our onsite training is a cost-effective way to train between 20-30 students without incurring the travel costs of attending an Immersion Event and without having your entire team offsite at once. Our prices for onsite training are based on a minimum of 20 students. If you have fewer than 20 to train, we strongly recommend our “buy in bulk” pricing for Immersion Events, which allows you to buy 6 seats for the price of 5 (effectively saving 20%) that you can use for any number of employees at any combination of classes within 12 months of the purchase date. This means you can spread out when your critical team members are away from the office and maximize your training budget.

For larger (20+) groups, we work with you to create a completely custom course which targets only the areas in which you are truly interested. In the current economic climate, we’ve seen a big increase in the demand for a combination of onsite training, consulting, and server health checks. We’re available to provide these services to you anywhere in the world.

Take a look at our Immersion Events for an idea of what we offer and then send us an email so we can work out how to meet your needs.