SQLskills.com is the premier provider of SQL Server training in the world. Most of our classes target deep, technical content for mid to senior-level DBAs but because we teach the core/critical components for working with and architecting SQL Server solutions, developers and architects also will benefit greatly from them (especially courses like IEVLT). For more junior DBAs, we recommend starting with our dedicated IE0 course that has an enormous amount on which to build. The best part about starting with IE0 is that you will start your SQL Server “life/career” off with correct information and a plethora of best practices instead of learning the hard way and having your applications fail.

In terms of our classes, there are no absolute requirements but we strongly suggest that most folks start by attending the IEPTO1: Immersion Event on Performance Tuning and Optimization – Part 1 as it will provide an excellent background for all of the other classes. If you have already attended IE1/IEPTO1 or you already have that knowledge/experience, it is not required. For more information about our events, attendee feedback, and what attendees blogged about:

Frequently Asked Questions

What training does SQLskills provide?

SQLskills provides a variety of classes that cover everything we think makes a well-rounded senior DBA. We aim to provide training that will solidify your understanding of what’s really happening. You will build a solid foundation for troubleshooting even the most complex of problems. And, we use only the best instructors – Paul S. Randal, Kimberly L. Tripp, Jonathan Kehayias, Erin Stellato, Tim Radney. Our instructors are consultants and seasoned trainers with consistently great reviews! Click on the names for bios.

Our core classes, are as follows (click the link for a more extensive description of the material covered):

Immersion Event for the Junior/Accidental DBA
Everything you need to know to keep the lights on for SQL Server!
Instructors: Jonathan KehayiasErin Stellato

Immersion Event on Performance Tuning and Optimization – Part 1
Indexing, Statistics, Locking, Transactions, Logging, Configuration, and More
Instructors: Paul S. RandalKimberly L. Tripp

Immersion Event on Performance Tuning and Optimization – Part 2
Resource Usage, Workload Analysis, Query Plans, Plan Cache, and More
Instructors: Paul S. RandalKimberly L. TrippJonathan KehayiasErin Stellato

Immersion Event on Azure SQL Database, Azure VMs and Azure Managed Instance
Everything you need to know to about moving to Azure!
Instructors: Tim Radney

Immersion Event on Clustering and Availability Groups
Everything you need to know to about AGs and FCIs!
Instructors: Jonathan Kehayias

Classes are designed to ensure plenty of time for questions and discussions! We (ALL) thrive on it actually!

Why come to SQLskills?

SQLskills.com has delivered training around the world – through conferences and our own Immersion Events. We focus on teaching real-world content proving the knowledge that your team members can immediately put into practice to benefit your company. We want to make sure that they’re getting relevant, current information so all our instructors are full-time SQL Server consultants who work with SQL Server every day, at a wide variety of clients, and they know how to convey information so your team members can absorb it. Our classes are full of examples and anecdotes, with lots of demos that your team members will bring back to the office to help cross-train other team members. SQLskills.com is uniquely placed to provide the best training:

  • We’re the only company that has multiple instructors from the original Microsoft Certified Master programs (Paul, Kimberly, and Jonathan)
  • We’re renowned as having the best instructors and consultants in the business
  • We’re constantly the #1 top-rated session at industry conferences like the PASS Summit

You’ll get the best ROI for your training budget by coming to us. Additionally, Microsoft came to us back in 2010 to record 40 hours of introductory MCM training material which they have made freely available to everyone (you can access it here). They came to us because we’re the best in the industry.

For more information about our events, attendee feedback, and what attendees blogged about:

What if I’m a developer?

We have created a developer “short course” series that covers some of the most misunderstood concepts and features around SQL Server development. These are also the areas – that when designed / implemented incorrectly – are both the most difficult to fix and the most problematic for performance / scalability and availability. If you want ONLY this focused information, check out our Developer Bundle in our online shop. This bundle consists of:

If you want an even DEEPER dive into SQL Server internals and administration, you could also consider the full IEPTO1 and IEPTO2 courses (skipping IETLB and IEQuery). What we recommend for most full-time / focused SQL Server developers is IEPTO1 and then IEPTO2. IEPTO1 covers performance tuning from a data structure, design, indexing, locking/blocking, and statistics perspective. It also covers proper configuration and tuning for tempdb and the transaction log. IEPTO2 continues performance tuning from the workload perspective tackling things like I/O bottlenecks, memory/plan cache issues (including statement execution/caching as well as optimizing stored procedures), CPU issues and baselining/benchmarking.

IEPTO1/IEPTO2 are essential for ALL full-time SQL Server data professionals. Developers and DBAs have regularly attended these courses and consistently they say the same thing: “Everyone that touches SQL Server should attend these two classes! Well, if they want to do a proper job at performance tuning and writing well-performing code!”.

Are there group discounts available?

Our “bundle” options offer comprehensive training options for the best pricing! However, we also offer a 6-seats-for-the-price-of-5 discount for smaller companies (with fewer than 20 people that need to be trained). If you want to get a site-license for a larger number of students (>20), the easiest thing is to send us email to discuss your requirements. We can also offer custom and private company/project-focused Q&As for larger groups that want to supplement what they’ve learned with a hybrid consulting-like engagement during / after training!

How can I pay for my class? Do you accept Microsoft coupons?

We accept all major credit cards. Access to online class materials is not “active” until payment is received. If you have any additional questions, the easiest thing is to send us email to discuss your requirements.

We do not accept Microsoft training coupons as these are only applicable to the basic Microsoft Official Curriculum classes, which we do not teach.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions about the training classes that SQLskills.com provides, please don’t hesitate to send us email!