Interesting Upcoming Intel Processors

There has been quite a bit of leaked news and rumors about several future Intel processor families over the past couple of weeks, from what I consider to be pretty reliable sources. I’ll start out with the desktop and mobile processors and then move to the server processors. Right now, it is a little unclear […]

Presenting Hardware 201 for the Denver SSUG

I did a live presentation at the May 21, 2015 meeting of the Denver SQL Server User’s Group, which was held at the newly remodeled Microsoft office in the Denver Tech Center. Here is the abstract for my presentation: Hardware 201: Selecting and Sizing Database Hardware for OLTP Performance The foundation of database performance is […]

SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries for May 2015

I revised a number of the queries this month in just the SQL Server 2012 and 2014 versions of the script.  As usual, the main enhancements are additional comments and documentation about the queries, including more information about how to interpret the results, including some more links to relevant blog post articles.  Since SQL Server […]

Intel Xeon E7 v3 Product Family Released

On May 5, 2015, Intel announced the new E7 v3 Product Family, which is also known as the Haswell-EX, which is meant for four and eight-socket servers. This 22nm processor is a Tock release (which means that it is using a new processor microarchitecture compared to the previous 22nm Ivy Bridge-EX). An updated graphic that […]