Intel Speed Shift Support in Windows Server 2016

If you are gathering evidence to help make the case for a complete data platform upgrade in 2017, you want to find as much information as possible to bolster your argument. This post is meant to assist you in your efforts. By early-mid 2017, Windows Server 2016 will have been GA long enough to convince […]

Useful Hardware Utilities – HWiNFO64

Since I have a personal and professional interest in PC hardware (I have actually been accused by my friend Steve Jones of “loving hardware”), I like to find and talk about useful hardware utilities that are relevant for both personal machines and for PC-based servers. One very interesting utility is HWiNFO64 from Martin Malík. This […]

SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries for December 2016

This month, I have added a separate set of queries for SQL Server vNext. Right now, they are almost identical to the SQL Server 2016 queries, but I will make changes to surface new functionality in SQL Server vNext over time. I have also added support for new functionality in SQL Server 2016 Service Pack […]