Inside the Storage Engine: When do versioning tags get added?

Ok – so we did more partying than we thought so blog posts have been a little sparse this month, but here’s one to end off the year. There’s a popular impression that turning on snapshot isolation and then rebuilding indexes will cause all rows in the table to get the extra 14-byte versioning tags. […]

Patents and parties

In the mail today I received notice that my first software patent has been granted by the US Patent Office :-) (after being filed 3.5 years ago while I was still writing DBCC CHECKDB¬†code!) It’s basically a way to run DBCC CHECKDB on a database stored in a backup without actually having to restore the […]

Paul and Kimberly interview on RunAs Radio – What’s New in SQL Server 2008?

While we were in Barcelona we sat down with Richard Campbell and Greg Hughes from RunAs Radio to record a 1/2 hour interview on SQL Server 2008. We touch on a ton of different features (look at the number of Categories I’ve tagged this with!) and have a bunch of laughs along the way – […]

SQL Server 2008: Configuring Peer-to-Peer Replication

One of the cool features added in SQL Server 2005 for scaling-out a workload was peer-to-peer replication. The major drawback was that to change an existing peer-to-peer topology, the entire topology had to be quiesced. In SQL Servr 2008, the Configure Peer-To-Peer Topology Wizard in Management Studio has undergone a major face-lift and a peer-to-peer […]

Question for all of you…. interest in printouts of our workshops?

Every time we’re at a conference, we get asked whether we’re going to write any books on the kinds of things we talk about. Well, at present the answer is no – we just don’t have time unfortunately. However, I have a plan that I’d like to gauge interest in to see whether it’s worthwhile. […]

Search Engine Q&A #10: When are pages from a truncated table reused?

This is a question I was sent a week or so ago – if a table is truncated inside a transaction, what protects the integrity of the table’s pages in case the transaction rolls back? Let’s find out. First off I’ll create a simple table to experiment with: We can see what pages and extents […]

Search Engine Q&A #9: How to update constraints?

A quickie today to get back into the swing of things. In Kimberly's whitepaper on partitioning she discusses the 'sliding window' scenario (where you switch in and out partitions of data into an existing table – see this previous post for a few more details). She recommends that the constraints are extended rather than dropped […]

Donald Wayne Tripp, August 6 1944 – November 28 2007

As many of you who follow our blogs (and we’ve met at conferences) may know, Kimberly’s Dad has been very ill for some time. On November 28th he passed away peacefully at home with us after a long and brave fight against cancer. He’ll be missed by many friends and family. Kimberly has a longer […]