Coming up fast: SQL Connections Spring 2009 – indexes!

This year it looks like we’re not going to be involved in TechEd USĀ in May so the SQL Connections show in Orlando in March (21-26) will be the best way to pick up some of our training in the first half of the year. We are planning to do some Immersion events in various locations […]

OT: Scottish fine arts

(Yes I know I haven't posted for a while, we've been travelling – we're in Hyderabad right now – but I'll post a bunch over the next week) This one's totally off-topic. My Mother is a popular and well-known artist in Scotland (described as "one of the new Scottish colourists") and she's just launched a […]

TechNet Magazine: February 2009 SQL Q&A column

OK – last content post today. I forgot that the February TechNet Magazine also has the latest edition of my regular SQL Q&A column. This month's column covers: Should backup compression be enabled at the instance level? Client redirection during database mirroring failovers Partition-level lock escalation in SQL Server 2008 Is it ever safe to […]

TechNet Magazine: feature article on understanding logging and recovery

Wow – today is all about new content. As if I haven't already blogged about enough stuff to keep you reading through next week, the February issue of TechNet Magazine is now available and contains a feature article I wrote about understanding how logging and recovery work inside SQL Server. The article covers: What is […]

Daily SQL Server 2008 tips from TechNet Magazine

TechNet Magazine is publishing a series of SQL Server 2008 tips every day through January – mostly taken from upcoming Microsoft Press books on SQL Server 2008. Later this month it will include some tips from our upcoming book Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals. Check out the tips at Enjoy!

Comprehensive tempdb blog post series

Over the last few weeks Sunil Agarwal (from the SQL Storage Engine team) has posted a great series of blog articles about tempdb and the version store, over on my old stomping ground – the Storage Engine blog. The articles are well worth reading – the links are: Managing tempdb part 1 and part 2 Version […]

TechNet Radio interview on partitioning (Kimberly)

Kimberly also did an interview with TechNet Radio back in December – this time about partitioning. The links for the interview are: WMA – MP3 hi-bandwidth – MP3 lo-bandwith – Enjoy!

TechNet Radio interview on database corruption

Well, we're back from vacation finally (only for 10 days and then off to India and Thailand for 3 weeks… phew) and I've got a bunch of blogs posts to catch up on. First up – I did an interview with TechNet Radio in mid-December where I talked about database corruption and things to do […]