Using fn_dblog, fn_dump_dblog, and restoring with STOPBEFOREMARK to an LSN

(Check out my Pluralsight online training course: SQL Server: Logging, Recovery, and the Transaction Log.) I’ve blogged a bunch about using the undocumented fn_dblog function I helped write (and I’ve got a lot more to come :-) but here’s one I haven’t mentioned on my blog before: fn_dump_dblog (although I have talked about it at […]

Understanding data vs log usage for spills in tempdb

Earlier this morning I noticed a discussion on the SQL MCM distribution list (that all the original MCM instructors are part of) that was trying to make sense of a huge disparity between tempdb data file usage and log file usage. I explained the answer and thought I'd share it with you all too. The […]

Survey: most prevalent latch waits (code to run)

I first started blogging about latches and some of the deeper parts of SQL Server internals last year (see Advanced performance troubleshooting: waits, latches, spinlocks) and now I’d like to pick up that thread (no scheduling pun intended :-)) and blog some more about some of the common latches that could be a performance bottleneck. […]

Cool free tool to parse and analyze SQLIO results

During every one of our Immersion Events, we designate Thursday evening as 'open mic' night where anyone can do a 15-minute presentation on anything they want (to do with SQL Server) to the class. We usually have 4 or 5 people who entertain us with interesting talks, and our recent classes in Chicago were no […]

SQLskills community mentoring – round 2

Back in November last year I blogged about Jonathan's idea to mentor someone who's attended one of our classes and how Jonathan, Joe, and I each picked someone to mentor for six months. Our mentees (Steven Ormrod, Luke Jian, and Brad Hoff, respectively) have all said how much they've benefited from the arrangement and we've […]

Spring cleaning health check special offer in May

Spring takes a while to get going in the Pacific Northwest but spring is definitely in the air now that it's May – and spring means spring cleaning! It's been about 18 months since we last ran a special pricing offer so I've decided to offer one through the month of May for new customers: a […]

Visiting Scotland (part 3)

This is part three of my three-part series of posts about what I recommend on a visit to Scotland. I'm writing posts because I get asked a lot and this is easier than repeating myself a bunch of times. You can get part 1 of the series here – dealing with Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Stirling, […]