Don’t forget *your* system health!

We all obsess with making our databases and our clients’ databases healthy and fabulous, but often we forget about looking after ourselves. Over the last few years I’ve steadily ballooned 50lbs over the weight I was when I married Kimberly, let myself get stressed, black bags under my eyes, and an unhealthy liking for Tater-Tots, […]

Free 24-hour pass for Pluralsight online courses

Those nice folks at Pluralsight are offering everyone on the planet a free 24-hour pass to check out all their online courses (more than 400 of them), including all of the ones we’ve recorded. There are no strings attached and no credit-card registration required – they’re just celebrating raising a whopping $27.5 million in investment […]

Database mirroring: avoiding ‘cannot obtain a LOCK resource’ problems

This is an interesting case that came up recently, and that I’ve seen a few times before, but which I haven’t seen explained anywhere. Using database mirroring, you may see 1204 and 1454 errors on the mirror server with no other databases or activity on the mirror server apart from database mirroring: With no activity […]

Corruption demo databases and scripts

I originally blogged a series of corruption demos and associated databases back in 2008, for use with SQL Server 2005 and 2008. Since then the releases have changed which databases and corruptions work and I’ve had to rework some of the databases for you. This is an update that takes into account SQL Server 2008R2 […]