Learning to listen

Fellow MVP Chris Shaw (b | t) wrote a blog post earlier this week on learning from mistakes and tagged me to write a similar post – so here it is. Let me start with a story first. Back in April 1999 I was working for Microsoft on the SQL team as a developer in […]

Survey: using DBCC WRITEPAGE

In this survey I’d like to know what your experience is using the DBCC WRITEPAGE undocumented command. This survey is closed – see the editorial here – thanks! I’ll editorialize the results in a week or two. Thanks!

Disaster recovery 101: restore master or rebuild master

It’s been a hectic January with client work and preparations for our 2014 classes so I haven’t blogged as much as I wanted, but I have lots of blog posts coming up over the next month! A few weeks ago I kicked off a survey on whether you’ve ever tried or had to restore or […]

Spring SQLintersection conference in April in Orlando

Now that 2014 is upon us, it’s time for us to start promoting the Spring show of our SQLintersection conference. This year the Spring show will be in Orlando, FL at the JW Marriott Grand Lakes during the week of April 14th, with pre-con and post-con workshops. Remember that this is *our* show – we […]

Survey: restoring and rebuilding master

In the first post of the year I’d like to kick off a survey. I’m interested to know whether you’ve ever practiced restoring or rebuilding master, or whether you’ve had to do either for real in a disaster recovery situation. I’ll editorialize the results next week. Thanks!