Australia classes in Sydney and Canberra in December

I’ve just released our final classes of the year for registration! We will be coming to Sydney and Canberra in Australia and teaching our new IEPTO1: Immersion Event on Performance Tuning and Optimization – Part 1 : From the curriculum: As well as optimization techniques, this course will also help with design and architecture so you can […]

July pricing special for new October classes

To celebrate our newly revamped IE1 and IE2 classes becoming IEPTO1 and IEPTO2, through the month of July you can register for either October class in Chicago at the super-early-bird price of $2,995. This price is usually reserved just for our alumnus students. At the end of July, the price will revert to the normal […]

Revamped IE1 and IE2 classes open for registration in October

I’ve just released our final US classes this year for registration! We’ve revamped our IE1 and IE2 classes so they’re now both focused on performance and together they form a comprehensive, 10-day performance tuning and optimization course. IE1 is now IEPTO1: Immersion Event on Performance Tuning and Optimization – Part 1 (see here for the […]

Are mixed pages removed by an index rebuild?

This is a question that came up this morning during our IE1 class that I thought would make an interesting blog post as there are some twists to the answer. The first 8 pages that are allocated to an allocation unit are mixed pages from mixed extents, unless trace flag 1118 is enabled. See the following blog […]

Online index rebuild corruption bug in SQL Server 2012 SP1

This is a quick blog post to let you know about a bug in SQL Server 2012 SP1 that can cause data loss when performing index maintenance. The data loss issue can happen in some circumstances when you do a parallel online rebuild of a clustered index while there are concurrent data modifications happening on the table […]

Target and actual SQL Server uptime survey results

Exactly five years ago I published survey results showing target uptime SLAs and actual uptime measurements. I re-ran the survey a few weeks ago to see what’s changed, if anything, in the space of five years, and here are the results. 24×7 Systems     Other responses: 1 x 99.95% Non 24×7 Systems Other responses: […]