Paul’s awesome ribs recipe

On Friday I made my signature pork ribs for our good friend Bob Ward (along with Kimberly’s truffled cauliflower mash and caramelized broccoli) and I promised to blog the ribs recipe. I’ve been making ribs like this for about ten years – they’re dry and you have to tear the meat off the ribs with your […]

Delayed Durability in SQL Server 2014

One of the cool new features in SQL Server 2014 is delayed durability (available in all Editions), which is described in detail in Books Online here. I think I’m going to see a lot of people turn this on, as you can get a profound increase in transaction throughput with the right workload. However, I also […]

Bug: Error: 3449 and server restart during DBCC CHECKDB

This is a quick post to let you know about a bug that a few people are hitting when running DBCC CHECKDB. The symptoms are a series of errors in the error log plus SQL Server forcibly shuts itself down and restarts. I’ve heard of people hitting the bug on SQL Server 2014 and SQL […]

Calling all user group leaders! We want to present for you in 2015!

Starting in 2015 we at SQLskills would love to present remotely for your user group, anywhere in the world. Kimberly and I recently did a series of remote presentations from Redmond, WA, US to Australia and New Zealand, including two-way video in some cases, and the bandwidth worked great. It’s not feasible for us to […]

Capturing IO latencies for a period of time

In both my wait statistics pre-conference workshops at the PASS Summit and SQLintersection I promised to do a bunch of blog posts. The second one on the list is a simple script to allow you to capture all the reads, writes, and I/O latencies that occurred over a period of time. The script does the […]

Survey: how much server memory on your largest machine?

[Edit 12/10/14: Survey is closed see the editorial here.] One of the trends I’m seeing this year is a slow increase in the number of people who have servers with very large amounts of memory – so time for a survey! I’d like to know how much memory is installed on your largest server that […]

Capturing wait statistics for a period of time

[Edit 2016: Check out my new resource – a comprehensive library of all wait types and latch classes – see here.] (Script last updated June 13, 2018) In both my wait statistics pre-conference workshops at the PASS Summit and SQLintersection I promised to do a bunch of blog posts. The first one on the list […]

August 2015 London IE1/IEPTO-1 class open for registration

Through popular demand we’ve managed to juggle some of our schedule around and found space to fit in our only class of 2015 in the UK, and it’s open for registration! We’ll be teaching our signature IEPTO-1 (formerly IE1) Immersion Event on Performance Tuning and Optimization. The class will be August 24-28, and we’ve got a discount […]