Getting a history of database snapshot creation

Earlier today someone asked on the #sqlhelp Twitter alias if there is a history of database snapshot creation anywhere, apart from scouring the error logs. There isn’t, unfortunately, but you can dig around the transaction log of the master database to find some information. When a database snapshot is created, a bunch of entries are […]

Calling all user group leaders! We want to present for you in 2017!

By the end of December, we at SQLskills will have presented remotely (and a few in-person) to 94 user groups and PASS virtual chapters around the world in 2016! We’d love to present remotely for your user group in 2017, anywhere in the world. It’s not feasible for us to travel to user groups or SQL Saturdays […]

Investigating the proportional fill algorithm

This is something that came up recently on the Microsoft Certified Master DL, and is something I discuss in our IEPTO1 class because of the performance implications of it, so I thought it would make an interesting post. Allocation Algorithms The SQL Server Storage Engine (SE) uses two algorithms when allocating extents from files in […]

Capturing spinlock statistics for a period of time

This is a quick post to blog a script that allows spinlock statistics to be captured for a defined period of time (as I need to reference it in my next post). Enjoy! Example output (trimmed to fit here):