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(Books Online description: “Waiting to get read or write access to the list of WSFC networks. Internal use only. Note: The engine keeps a list of WSFC networks that is used in dynamic management views (such as sys.dm_hadr_cluster_networks) or to validate Always On Transact-SQL statements that reference WSFC network information. This list is updated upon engine startup, WSFC related notifications, and internal Always On restart (for example, losing and regaining of WSFC quorum). Tasks will usually be blocked when an update in that list is in progress.”)

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Added in SQL Server version:


Removed in SQL Server version:


Extended Events wait_type value:

The map_key value in sys.dm_xe_map_values is 856 in 2012 and 875 in 2014 RTM. After 2014 RTM, you must check the DMV to get the latest value as some map_key values have changed in later builds.

Other information:


Known occurrences in SQL Server (list number matches call stack list):

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Abbreviated call stacks (list number matches known occurrences list):

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