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This wait type occurs when a query is forced to be idle because of the CAP_CPU_PERCENT setting in Resource Governor.

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Added in SQL Server version:


Removed in SQL Server version:


Extended Events wait_type value:

There is no Extended Event wait_type value for this wait type.

Other information:

From this Microsoft blog post:

“This wait type is related to resource governor CPU cap implementation (CAP_CPU_PERCENT). When you enable CAP_CPU_PERCENT for a resource pool, SQL Server ensures that pool won’t exceed the CPU cap. If you configure 10% for CAP_CPU_PERCENT, SQL Server ensures that you only use 10% of the CPU for the pool. If you pound the server (from that pool) with CPU bound requests, SQL Server will insert ‘idle consumer’ into runnable queue to take up the quantum that pools is not entitled to. While the ‘idle consumer’ is waiting, we put RESOURCE_GOVERNOR_IDLE to indicate that the ‘idle consumer’ is taking up quantum.”

There’s also another good blog post by Josh Darnell here on this wait type in Azure.

Known occurrences in SQL Server (list number matches call stack list):

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Abbreviated call stacks (list number matches known occurrences list):

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