IEBI: Immersion Event on Business Intelligence

Chicago, IL, US: May 1-5, 2017


Even with little to no knowledge of BI, this course will provide you with immediately-usable, production-level knowledge of BI. The SQL Server training course has been designed for anyone who needs to become familiar with all facets of the Microsoft BI stack—from modeling to development of the presentation layer and beyond to key administration tasks. Are you a DBA who wants to better understand how to support BI projects on your servers? Or do you need to jump-start your skills so you can start building solid, high-performing, and user-friendly BI solutions? This class might be the perfect way to advance your career and dig deeper into topics that don’t typically get covered in most BI classes.

Relational data warehousing – with lots of aggregate tables – helps you keep your data organized for any type of reporting or analysis tool that you might want to use, but there are some rules to follow to build a structure that both performs well and makes sense to your business users. (If the data warehouse structure is too confusing, they are not going to use it!) How can you quickly build and test your design or organically add new content over time without burning up precious hours on tedious SSIS package development? This class shows you to how to jump-start your BI project by automating your SSIS development efforts.

Do you know which types of business questions are answered more easily when you move your data from the data warehouse into SSAS cubes. Or maybe tabular models? How do you know which technology to use? In this class, you’ll learn the pros and cons of each approach and the decision points to consider before you choose.

Whether you store data in tables, cubes, or tabular models, you have a variety of options in the BI stack to access and analyze the data, but which is best for your needs? Learn the key features of each tool, how to choose the right tool for the task, and how to apply best practices to the design of your reports and dashboards.

Once you build a solution, what are your options for managing a secure, scalable, and high-performing environment for reporting and analysis? Can you properly identify performance issues across the data platform and take the appropriate steps to resolve those issues? This class walks you through key aspects of deploying, managing, and monitoring each component of your BI solution.

The course starts out in the 100-200 range on Day 1 but moves into the 200-300 range for the remainder of the week. You’ll learn basic usage and design principles for the reporting and analysis components of the Microsoft data platform, followed by more coverage of management and performance tuning tasks than you’ll find in most BI end-to-end classes. The course will not only bridge the gap in your BI knowledge, but will provide a solid foundation for building a complete solution. If you’ve always wanted to immerse yourself into BI, explore an end-to-end solution, and go behind-the-scenes to learn how to develop and deploy BI solutions, this is the place to be!

This course will cover SQL Server 2005 through SQL Server 2016, and is essential for all SQL Server BI developers, DBAs, and architects. We will answer all your questions, to whatever depth you want to go.

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Quotes From Past Attendees

Listed below are some verbatim quotes from recent attendees of this class:

  • “It was everything I expected it to be and more. I look forward to returning for another event!”
  • “Stacia was excellent at communicating complex concepts in a manner that was easy to understand.”

Event details:

  • Class will run from 8:30am-5:45pm Monday through Thursday and 8:30am-5:00pm on Friday.
  • Detailed agenda:
    • 7:45am Breakfast
    • 8:30am Class begins
      • 9:45am 15-minute break
      • 11:15am 15 minute break
    • 12:30pm Lunch break (lunch is provided as part of the class)
    • 1:30pm Class resumes
      • 2:45pm 15-minute break with dessert
      • 4:15pm 15-minute break
    • 5:45pm Class ends (5:00pm on Friday)
  • For those of you planning air travel and departure times after the class completion on Friday: we do end at 5:00pm on Friday and we use every minute of that schedule, and often we run a few minutes over. For most deliveries we end between 5:00pm and 5:15pm. This depends on questions and we often push out the 5:45pm endings earlier in the week if things are running behind but I can honestly say that we’ve never ended early. Our general recommendation is for you to purchase tickets with departures no earlier than 8:00pm. However, each city/location may be a little different. Consider contacting the hotel (or the hotel’s website) for more specific insight into travel times and specific travel options to the airport.
  • Monday evening: “Meet-n-Greet” in the bar. We’ll open a tab and pick up the first round so we can get to know each other better and wind down from day 1.
  • You will receive printed materials for all of the lecture content. Additionally, after the event ends, we will provide all classroom demo content on our website as a zip file.
  • Also included in your registration fee are coffee, breakfast, snacks and lunch. On the registration page, please let us know if you are vegetarian (other dietary requirements are your own responsibility).
  • Class size is limited to 16 students.

Location details:

  • The Immersion Event will be held in the Hilton Suites Chicago/Oak Brook.
  • This hotel is 20 minutes from O’Hare airport and is near a large mall with many amenities. We’ve held more than forty five Immersion Events here since 2011.
  • The hotel has a special rate from US$129/night, for a two-room suite!
  • RESERVE YOUR HOTEL NIGHTS EARLY: SQLskills has a LIMITED number of rooms reserved under our group rate and these usually sell out. Even if you’re waiting to officially register for the class – you might want to get your hotel room setup early (ASAP) to ensure that you get the discounted/group rate and that you’re at the hotel where the event is being held. Most importantly, the earlier you get your hotel reservations confirmed, the easier it is for us to add rooms to our block. Thanks so much for helping us out with this!
  • The hotel rate includes:
    • Onsite parking.
    • Wireless internet access for the entire stay (it’s pretty good, but don’t expect to stream movies or quickly download very large files).
    • Full breakfast on Saturday/Sunday.
  • Full American breakfast during the Immersion Event will be served as part of class from 7:45 am until 8:30am. Class begins at 8:30 am.

Pricing details:

  • Full price for the Immersion Event is US$3,795.
  • Early-bird rate is US$3,295 for registrations received by end-of-day PST Friday, February 24th, 2017.
  • Any discount code entered (for instance, for past attendees) will be reflected in the price during registration.
  • For general discount information please see the F.A.Q.

Special Pricing Options!

  • Past attendee price: If you’ve attended an Immersion Event in the past, you can register any time for 75% of the full price (US$2,995). Please contact us for instructions.

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancellations prior to March 20th, 2017: fully-refunded minus US$250 administration fee and 5% credit-card processing charges, where applicable.
  • Cancellations from March 20th, 2017 to April 16th, 2017 inclusive (PST): 50% cancellation charge.
  • Cancellations on or after April 17th, 2017 (PST): 100% cancellation charge.
  • Registrations can be transferred to a colleague to attend this class, or for you to attend another class within 12 months of this one. If within the 100% cancellation period, there is a US$750 transfer fee.

Registration details:

Click HERE to go to our events registration page, and please make sure to select the correct class from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.


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