Recorded Online Training

These classes were all delivered live during 2019 and recorded using WebEx. Each class package has three recordings of 3-5 hours each, plus demo materials and a PDF of the slides.

The class recordings that are available are (click for full description of the class, the purchase link is below):

When you purchase a class, you will download the recording files and you can keep them forever. You can also send questions about the class to the presenter.

Pricing Details

The classes are priced as follows:

  • US$399 per class for one or two classes
  • US$299 per class for three or more classes (so 3 classes is only US$100 more than 2 classes!)

Purchase Link

To purchase one or more classes, please go to the registration page HERE and select the number of classes you want to purchase from the drop-down. We will contact you after payment so you can select which classes you want.

If you would like to buy a site license to share a recording with your team, please contact us.


If you have any questions, please contact us.