SQLskills Insider Session 11: Eliminating Low Hanging Fruit for Faster Performance

You know they are there they, those small issues that affect performance and are easy to fix… Really, some DO exist! 


Knowing them AND finding them is the real challenge! 


This session will show you how to find the low hanging fruit in your environment, explain why the problem exists, and step through how you can make the necessary changes to boost your SQL Server’s performance with a minimal amount of effort.  


Jonathan will show you how to find common misconfigurations, as well as schema and code design problems, to help you get the most bang for your buck when performance tuning SQL Server. By focusing on real-world examples with reproducible workloads, you will easily be able to see the impact of common problems and learn how to fix them quickly for improved performance from the least amount of effort.

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Session 11: Resources

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Presented by
Jonathan Kehayias
Principal Consultant, SQLskills

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