SQLskills Insider Session 5: Caching AMA (Caching Ask Me Anything Q&A)

We’ve spent 4 SQLskills Insider Sessions discussing statement execution, caching (ad Hoc auto parameterization [only for “safe” statements], forced statement caching like sp_executesql, and stored procedures), testing methodologies, and recompilation. For those of you who have attended these sessions, we’re going to have an additional / extended Q&A. This “AMA” style Q&A will focus on everything we discussed and any remaining questions you might have around caching. 

Also, in a few sessions, there were some tangents that we touched on that now we’ll also have time to cover. So, let’s do it!

Please send me your questions NO LATER than Monday, November 1 at 10am PT / 1pm ET as this will allow me some time to best prepare any demons or content. And, we’ll still have time for some ad Hoc questions! 

SQLskills Insider Session #5: VIDEO

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Session #5: Resources

Thank you! Between the submitted questions and the folks that joined – we ran for over 90 minutes! I created some summary slides and also took one of our discussions (around conditional logic / modularization) and bundled them into the download. 

Resources for this SQLskills Insider Session: download

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