SQLskills Insider Session 7: Query Store Best Practices


Almost every time I present on the topic of Query Store, someone asks about the performance overhead of implementing it.  It’s not just about configuration options; there are aspects related to a system’s workload that are vital to understand and consider.  In this session we will discuss the best practices for Query Store – not just the what, but also the why.  We’ll also talk about problematic workloads and what you can do to make Query Store an option for your solution.  Whether you’re running Azure SQL, or SQL Server 2016 or higher on-prem, it’s worth taking the time to understand all the factors to optimize your use of Query Store. 

START TIME: 10:00am Pacific Time / 1:00pm Eastern Time (what time for you?)
LENGTH: 60 minute session + 15 minute Q&A

Presented by
Erin Stellato
Principal Consultant, SQLskills

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