(OLD): A new and improved sp_helpindex (jokingly sp_helpindex8)

NOTE: I’ve released other versions of sp_helpindex since this post. Check out the category: sp_helpindex rewrites for all of the options! OK, I first blogged about re-writing sp_helpindex here as sp_helpindex2 (April 2008). Shortly thereafter (Aug 2008), a reader found a bug and when I went digging, so did I (a couple of others). I did […]

Favorite SSMS Options – and some gotchas

Whenever I setup a new machine, I like to set a few default options in SSMS. Here are my favorites: Tools, Options Environment Fonts and Colors Text Editor font: Lucida Console (a bit thicker and it's a fixed-width font) Text Editor: Selected Text (under display items) Item foreground: Black Item background: Yellow (looks like a […]