SQLintersection Spring 2016 – Our best line-up yet!

As we head into our 7th SQLintersection this April, I’m excited to say that it’s one of our most diverse, complete, and information-packed shows yet! We’ve added a 3rd precon day to our show and with our postcon day, there are 9 full-day workshops from which to choose. We have 3 SQL keynotes that are […]

Our 5th SQLintersection is coming up in May 2015

I can’t believe we’re already approaching our 5th co-located SQLintersection & DEVintersection events… if you’re interested in how we got here – check out some of my past posts: SQLintersection: a new year, a new conference SQLintersection’s Fall Conference – It’s all about ROI! Fall SQLintersection is coming up soon and we can’t wait! SQLintersection Conference and […]

Building High Performance Stored Procedures

[NOTE: Update 12 Nov 2014. The most recent bug (KB article KB2965069) is THANKFULLY very unlikely for most environments (mentioned below). As a result, I’m glad to say that we can use OPTION (RECOMPILE) as a much easier (and safer) solution. So, while I’ll still leave solution 3 as an option if you run into troubles with […]

Fall SQLintersection is coming up soon and we can’t wait!

In just a couple of weeks (9-14 November 2014), we’ll be at our twice-yearly conference, SQLintersection. We’re really looking forward to it as our conference is different than many others… our sessions are hand-picked and combined to create daily “tracks” with themes. Often, I’ll even ask a speaker if they could talk about x or y or z […]

New York .Net and SQL Server User Groups – We’re back!!

Date & Time: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 – 6:30-9pm Evening theme/title: SQL Server – Are you talking to me? Groups/Target Audience: SQL Server and .NET User Groups, anyone that works with SQL Server that wants to talk techie on Tuesday evening Cost: FREE (but, you must register; link at the end of this post) Presenters: […]

SQLintersection’s Fall Conference – It’s all about ROI!

Brent [Ozar] beat me to the punch this morning with his fantastic post on SQLintersection’s Fall conference here: SQL Intersection Registration Open but, I wanted to second that with a few more details. I first blogged about our new [in 2013] conference here: http://www.sqlskills.com/blogs/kimberly/sqlintersection-new-conference/ and when we had only just planned our first event, we just weren’t quite […]

SQLintersection: a new year, a new conference

UPDATE (April 17, 2013): We just finished our FIRST SQLintersection conference with wild success. We’re currently working on our next event – scheduled for October 27-30, 2013. More posts coming soon but it looks like we have the right idea from two comments I received just today: On Twitter (11:50am PT today) from Michelle Ufford (@sqlfool): Colleague who […]

Getting ready for DotNetRocks tonight (in NYC)

I've had quite the past with Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin and we're about to do it again… a dotNetRocks that is! They're traveling the country in an RV and stopping at all sorts of places to talk about development best practices and VS 2012. If you have the time – you should definitely check […]

Upcoming events for 2012

Hey there readers – I know, I'm horrible at blogging. It's been a very busy year actually. First of all, I have to work with Paul… and Jonathan… and [update] Glenn…  that doesn't help. ;-) ;-) ;-) Seriously though, it's been hard to "do it all" – we've had a bunch of Immersion Events (which […]

Looking forward to London

Our next Immersion Event is in London. It follows our DevConnections conference in Karlsruhe, Germany (which was great fun) and a bit of a holiday in between where we've been driving and seeing a few places I wasn't sure I'd ever get to (specifically Liechtenstein and Luxembourg). Our driving tour definitely warrants it's own post […]

Immersion Event Series – 4 Weeks – August 2011

As many of you know, we’ve changed our Immersion Event courses to more closely match the requirements of the Microsoft Certified Masters – SQL Server 2008 certification. No, the exams are NOT part of the training. And, NO, you don’t need to be aiming for certification to benefit greatly from the training. Being a master […]

Our February Immersion Event in Dallas, TX – Final Wrap-up

OK, I've written about our February Immersion Event in two other recent posts: What a week for our first Immersion Event on Internals and Performance Our February Immersion Event in Dallas, TX – What did the attendees think? Sadly, this is going to be my last post about our February Immersion Event on Internals and […]

Our February Immersion Event in Dallas, TX – What did the attendees think?

I love this shot! I told everyone to do something fun and this is what I got… What a great group! (Well, except for Paul. I'm sure that's intended for me!! :)) This particular Immersion Event ran from February 21 through 25 in Dallas, TX and I've done a write up from our perspective here: What […]

What a week for our first Immersion Event on Internals and Performance

This post is from OUR perspective. The next one I'm going to do is from our attendee feedback!  Last week was our first week delivering a new style of Immersion Event. And, now that the class has finished, we're really happy with our decisions on content and naming. The name was new because we had […]

We <3 you too!

Just today, Jen McCown (blog|twitter) of the Midnight DBA team blogged about their recent poll – who in the SQL community "does it right" in terms of community involvement. What's great is that the results were just published and SQLskills has come in second to SQL Sentry for community involvement. This is great news and we're happy […]

Exciting news about our upcoming Master Immersion Events in Dallas, TX

We’re getting very close to our start date for our first "Master Immersion Event" and in planning, organizing and handling all of the event details – wow, there's a lot of work involved! However, we've had so much fun at these events that it ends up making it all worth it when they come together […]

Master Immersion Event Content – Blog and WIN!

Paul has just blogged about this contest here: http://www.sqlskills.com/blogs/PAUL/post/Master_Immersion_Event_Competition.aspx. So… may the best man (or woman!) win! Good luck, kt

Do I need to be a master for “master immersion events”?

I've been getting this question a lot lately. I've been asked this mainly because numerous folks have told me that they don't think they're ready for this level of training. Many have even said that they don't think they're ready for the "master immersion events" because they think they're too advanced. This is the part […]

Intense Immersion Events are back – for 2011

As some of you may have seen from Paul's blog, we've started to announce dates and course curriculums for 2011. I’m really excited about these events mostly because we just completed a similar event last week in San Diego, CA. Last week’s event was our last for the year and it couldn’t have gone better […]

Exciting news for the Microsoft Certified Masters (MCM) Program!

Paul's blogged quite a few of the details here: Big changes to the MCM program and how SQLskills can help you and there's not too much to add except that we'll have some locations and dates to announce soon. And, we're tweaking our current Immersion Event training (even the one in San Diego, CA in December) […]

RunAs Radio interview posted

Last week we sat down with our good friends Richard Campbell and Greg Hughes of RunAs Radio and recorded an interview about how to learn effectively. It was incented by Paul's recent post as part of TSQL Tuesday: T-SQL Tuesday #008: Top ten mistakes to make when attending a class. Additionally, I've written some related […]

Just added – NEW SQL Immersion Event in Bellevue, WA – in August

It's official! We're doing another 5-day SQL Immersion Event (our ever-popular 5-day Deep Dive into Internals, Performance and Maintenance) this year in the US! We decided to have a class near Seattle because Washington is *fabulous* in August! The class will cover our best content in these areas: On-disk structures: how the data is stored […]

Upcoming Events for May, June, July and August – including a new Immersion Event!

OK, it seems like when it rains it pours! I still have a few blog posts on my ToDo list and I do hope to get to them over the next few days (one that I've promissed to the SQL MCM folks in this month's rotation as well so now there's even more pressure!). Anyway, […]

Public classes coming up in Dublin (including prior course testimonials)

Paul and I enjoyed Dublin so much in 2008 and 2009 that we're going back for two weeks this time – and teaching three classes while we're there! We'll be working with our fabulous friends (Carmel, Sandra, and Bob) at Prodata and the event will be hosted by the nice folks at Microsoft Ireland. We'll […]

Upcoming User Group Presentations

I'm speaking at a few user groups over the next couple of months… are you local? Vienna, Austria – April 29, 2010 Presentation: SQL Server 2005/2008: Index Internals Presenter: Kimberly L. Tripp (yep, just me!) Information/details: Vienna SQL Server User Group  Houston, Texas (the Woodlands) – May 18, 2010 Presentation: Essential Database Maintenance Presenters: Paul […]

SQL Connections Fall 2010 – Call for Abstracts

Last week we completed another SQL Server Magazine/SQLConnections conference and already, it's time to start planning for the Fall show. Once again, Paul and I will be managing the SQL side of the conference and we'd like to invite you to submit abstracts for sessions at the conference. The Fall 2010 SQL Connections conference will […]

Upcoming events – great topics, great locations!

Coming up quickly, there are some great events to help you with best practices, tips and tricks and learning SQL Server 2008 R2 (which has just been announced to release in May this year). You can read about the upcoming R2 release on the "Data Platform Insider" blog post here. So, how do you keep up? […]

The fall line-up and event list – we hope to see you there!

We've finally booked all of our tickets and started planning final details for all our of our classes and conferences this fall. We've got quite a few things planned and tons of great content at each. By continent, here's the plan: Europe Dublin, Ireland: September 21-25. Paul and I will be teaching a week-long Immersion Event – combining […]

RunAsRadio Interview about Developers and DBAs – whose job is it?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post titled Whose job is it anyway? It's an interesting debate and something I've been hearing more and more – that SQL Server is a "set it and forget it" technology – a black box where you just don't need to know how it works to do […]

Connections is 3 weeks away and counting!

It's an exciting year for us for DevConnections! SQL Server 2008 has now been out for a few months and an SP is coming up soon. This is the sign that some customers wait for to migrate over to the new release feeling that an SP indicates a higher level of stability. But, this is […]

Getting the most from the system you have now!

Given the general state of the economy…many companies are looking to cut back. Going back over what we've done and "optimizing" things -> budgets, expenses, etc. is the norm right now. And, scaling back is not always a bad thing – unless the wrong things are cut. Unless the wrong things are used to motivate […]

Conference craziness comes to a close… (and DVD information)

Well, this has been a great "conference season" but I'm also glad that it's over for a bit. In the past 4 weeks, Paul and I have been to Vienna (check out Paul's post here), Barcelona (for TechED EMEA ITPro), Las Vegas (for SQL Connections) and finally to Seattle (for PASS). We live in Redmond […]

RunAs Radio Interview Posted – “Kim Tripp Indexes Everything”

Well… I think I had had too much tea that morning ;-). But, as always, chatting with Richard and Greg was great. Here’s the specific show link: http://www.runasradio.com/default.aspx?showNum=76. Oh, and just for the record, I didn’t come up with that title. But, I do hope that all your [high-priority and important] queries are indexed! Enjoy!kt

Budgets, training, where is your money best spent?

I’ve tackled this type of question before but it’s a very challenging thing to decide. Budgets are tight and training is always hard to quantify. However, working more efficiently and effectively – when properly trained – means smoother operations, less downtime, less data loss, less stress. So, if you’re looking for some ideas on training […]

SQL Server 2008 fails to send database mail, Sparse columns with filtered indexes, Upcoming Events, and – as usual – catching up (i.e. cookies)!

OK, so, I don't blog very often. I don't know what it is… I think it's that I feel like I always need to blog huge posts and the thought of writing my huge post makes me not want to blog… so, sometimes my time-between-blogging (TBB :) is long. I'm going to turn over a […]

TechEd has completed!

I started this post while Paul and I were in the TechEd Bloggers Lounge… which, from the number of folks “stopping by” must be more of an online thing :). We did have lots of folks visit with us in the DAT “Green” area but in the bloggers lounge, I thought I’d blog (maybe that’s […]

Indexes in SQL Server 2005/2008 – Part 2 – Internals

OK, I first posted on some of the limitations to indexes in SQL Server 2005 and 2008 in part one here. Now, I want to dive into index internals for a post (or two). And, I often get the question “who is the best audience for your blog – or, for this post” and well, […]

Time for TechEd ITPro and, it’s hot as hell here in Orlando………

Memorial Day weekend we were in Chicago to celebrate my Father’s life. We did a “Celebration of Life” memorial and we had a few drinks (celebratory Meyers, Tonic and lime – which was my Father’s favorite drink), we (7 of us) gave a few heartfelt speeches, and a few friends wrote a song (and passed […]

Catching up on resources – the Accidental DBA workshops!

OK, we were in Iceland and then Florida for our Accidental DBA workshops and both went really well. People agree that there are quite a few involuntary/accidental DBAs out there and overall, we helped quite a few to see a lot of options for better performance, availability, recovery, and/or just manageability. So, this is our […]

TechNet Radio Interviews are ready for download

A couple of weeks ago, Paul and I recorded two interviews with TechNet Radio… both are ready for download and in multiple formats!  Our specific interviews can be downloaded from the following links/formats:  SQL 2008 Part 1 of 2: Security and Availability WMA | MP3 High | MP3 Low  SQL 2008 Part 2 of 2: Management, Troubleshooting […]

SQL Server Magazine Connections Fall 2008 Call For Abstracts

(Cross-posted on Paul and Kimberly’s blogs) With the Spring SQL Server Connections show coming up next month, it’s time to start planning for the Fall show. Once again, Kimberly and I will be co-Chairs of the Conference and we’d like to invite you to submit abstracts for the Fall 2008 SQL Connections conference, to be […]

Resources and Q&A from our SQLConnections pre-conference workshop: Disaster Recovery – from Planning to Practice to Post-Mortem

And so day 2 ended on Sunday and at that point, it was time for a nice and relaxing dinner with a bunch of other colleagues. Monday was “Microsoft Day” and so much of the day was spent in some great SQL 2008 sessions (more blog entries coming over the next couple of days!). Tonight, […]

Resources and Q&A from our SQLConnection [PRE] pre-conference workshop: Database Maintenance – from Planning to Practice to Post-Mortem

OK, well, the first day is over and we’re starting to relax… just had a nice meal in our room and we’re off to each do a blog post (or what might turn into a couple :) regarding the things we each discussed in our full day workshop today. So, it was a great day […]

And so another conference begins… it’s time for Fall SQL Connections – in Vegas!

OK, so for those of you who watch our (Paul’s and my) blogs… you know it’s time for SQLConnections. We’re in Vegas (and it’s Paul’s first time here!) and the conference is the largest it’s ever been with over 5000 people!!! We arrived a couple of days early so that Paul could experience a bit […]

He could be doing worse things…

OK, so Paul could be doing worse things while I’m away… but, what was he doing? I guess you’ll have to read here and listen here. Enjoy!kt

SQL Server Magazine Connections Spring 2008 – Call for presentations

With the November 5-9th SQL Connections conference in Las Vegas around the corner, Shirley Brothers, the Connections Conference Manager, would like to start planning the Spring show. And, for the Spring show forward, Paul and I will be the co-chairs of the SQL Connections conference. We would like to invite you to submit abstracts for […]

November in Spain -> TechEd ITForum 2007

      OK, so after SQL Connections in Las Vegas, Paul and I head off to Barcelona for the second week of TechEd’s two week event (week one for developers and week two for IT professionals). November’s definitely a busy month. So, if you’re in the US – we hope to see you at […]

November in Las Vegas -> SQL Server Magazine Connections Fall Show

    OK, it’s about that time again – the Fall conference season – is here! Building on our co-presented Database Maintenance workshop at SQL Connections in Orlando, Paul and I are doing a *ton* of stuff at SQL Connections this Fall. The conference is back at the Mandalay Bay hotel and officially runs from […]

Exciting news from SQLskills… Paul Randal has officially started AND moved his blog over!

OK, if you’ve been reading at all… you know that Paul’s leaving Microsoft (ok, he’s left… yippie!) and joining SQLskills (ok, he’s joined). And, well, that’s the reason for this blog entry. He’s going to work on some updates to his prior posts (in the very near term) on the SQL Server Storage Engine blog […]

Exciting news from TechEd 2007 – SQL Server 2008’s CTP3 is ready for public download!

Well, I’m not sure where May went but I do know that part of it went to my 2 weeks in Hyderabad, India at Microsoft IDC (the India Development Center) and what was left was spent getting ready for upcoming events such as TechEd (and some personal events too :). And, the first big hurdle […]

SP2, VLDB Maintenance and TechEd

OK…SP2, the SP2 refresh and then the parallel/subsequent GDRs has seemingly (and rightly so) confused some of us… However, thanks to the PSS Engineers blog (and specifically Bob Ward – Senior Escalation Engineer, Microsoft PSS), this blog entry clears up a lot of that confusion. The end result is that you should be at 9.00.3054 […]

We got our mugs on SSWUG TV!

While at SQL Server Connections in Orlando, Stephen Wynkoop of SSWUG stole some morning time for an interview (morning time is not my best but we did get a lovely “I got my mug on SSWUG tv” mug so that made it OK :) :). We (Paul and I) had a great time chatting about […]

Sometimes life just happens… a sincere apology to the OpenWorld Attendees

This is a bit of a rare post for me as most of my posts are technical. I guess it’s a bit of a change in attitude, as a few things (from my personal life) have come to light recently. (and, I thank Richard and Carl for this :) :). Anyway, I’m sitting in Tokyo/Narita […]

I was ambushed…

Another great DotNetRocks interview has been completed. It’s Paul Randal‘s session on Disaster Recovery, DBCC, Index fragmentation (and defrag) and [unfortunately for me] a lot more. All I can say is that I was ambushed… thanks Richard   thanks Carl… Enjoy: http://www.dotnetrocks.com/default.aspx?showNum=217kt

Upcoming Events and Instant Initialization is not………….

Enterprise only. OK – I really need to blog more and well – I’m starting today by blogging a “quickie” blog entry on something that I just learned recently and that most of us (who speak/write/whatever on SQL Server) have been saying incorrectly…even marketing :). What’s been said is that the new SQL Server 2005 feature […]

Way, way, way overdue

OK, it’s been a heck of a long time since I blogged… and for that I apologize. I’m also WAY overdue in my posting my demo scripts from a TON of conferences BUT… now everything has been posted. Check out the past events page on SQLskills and you can find the demo scripts that you’re […]

Getting into speaking, presenting, and possibly making a career change?

I am asked often….. How can I get into presenting? How do I get into external consulting? How can I do something similar to what you do? It’s a challenge to work for yourself… There are periods of feast and periods of famine There are [way too many] times when the only person you can […]

Immersion Events are back!

OK – so, lots of exciting things going on. I’ve just completed my first two day partner event in Zurich (first of two in Switzerland). Today I head over to Geneva by train so that I can deliver the second two day partner event there. The partner I’ve been working with in Switzerland is Trivadis and […]

Geeking out at 36,000 feet

So, I’ve now spent the last couple of hours playing with Database Mail and HTML formatted messages being sent to the SQLskills subscribers. It’s been a fun learning experience as I think I’ve found a bug with the email account name length…let’s just put it this way – don’t be too descriptive with your account […]

Events, Events and more Events

I’ve posted all of my demo content from TechEd 2006 and wow – it was a lot of fun! I created many new and fun demos as I tried to keep everyone awake through the sessions (cause it seems like there were way too many evening events – didn’t it? ;-)). All of the content […]

TechEd is over for me… I owe you some blog posts!

What a GREAT week here in Boston. I’m just about to pack up and go home (kind of). Right now it’s early and I think I’m still feeling really good from last night’s fun. The big party at Fenway, dinner on the town, walking around the city, etc… It was a beautiful spring (almost summer) […]

Data Dude Down Under

Another excellent podcast by Greg Low from SQLDownUnder. This week he hosted/interviewed Gert Drapers – the original Data Dude (even though he tells the real story in the podcast). Download the show here: SDU17FullShow.mp3 or here: SDU17FullShow.wma. Enjoy,kt

Getting ready for TechEd – it’s amazing what goes on behind the scenes!

Well, if you’re wondering why I’ve been so quiet this week… it’s a myriad of events all coming together and/or being finalized right in time for TechEd. In working really hard (especially crazy was today) for some final TechEd content, I realized that a lot of people don’t really know what goes on behind the […]

DotNetRocks got me again!

But – it was a lot more laid back this time… Once again, it was fun! Thanks Carl. Thanks Richard. Here the link for the show: http://www.dotnetrocks.com/default.aspx?showID=181 and of course, the general link to DNR is http://www.dotnetrocks.com. Enjoy,kt

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Series Links

Hey there everyone – The series has completed and I know that many of you struggled to get access to the surveys… Microsoft has asked me to post links to the surveys…so, for completeness, I decided to create this blog entry to have links for every session, every blog link (resources, demo scripts, etc.) and […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 11 of 11

Well… 11 of 11 has completed. Friday was our last chat – until next time ;). It was a summary event where I took a slightly different spin on things focusing on grouping technologies by the amount of effort that’s needed to implement them. Simply put, we looked at the technologies in order of what […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 9 of 11

In part 9 of our webcast series titled: Implementing Database Mirroring, we covered the steps from setup to failover to monitoring. There were lots of great questions and I think we could easily go back and do a couple more hours on database mirroring, failover combinations – including manual failover and client application questions. Having said […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 10 of 11 – errata

In the last few minutes of the webcast (part 10), I goofed up one line of code and didn’t realize it until today. As my very last demo (and there were at least 10 different scenarios/concepts/demos yesterday) in my webcast, I decided to show a Database Snapshot on a Mirror database. It was the second […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 10 of 11

OK – today's session was quite fun… lots of demos and quite a few "tie-ins" where I tried to bring together many things that we've touched on in our series. And – that's really the point of the series – creating a reliable, robust, scalable and available environment takes MANY different features. You really need […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 8 of 11

Last week Mark Wistrom (Program Manager in the SQL Server Team at Microsoft), delivered part 8 of our TechNet webcast series. Most of the resources needed to prepare for this session – as well as learn more about Database Mirroring – have already been posted in the blog entry for part 7 (as homework!). However, […]

Chatting with Greg Low from SQLDownUnder.com

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of chatting with Greg Low – a fellow RD and MVP who is also excited to be focused and working in the SQL Server space. He’s been doing a few podcasts on database technologies and we were finally able to hook up today. He caught me off guard with […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 7 of 11

Well, Part 7 has completed and we're on the home stretch… focusing on part of the new Always On technologies of SQL Server 2005. We've made our way through quite a few discussions and my main point for the sequence – as defined – was to make clear that keeping a system available takes a […]

What, am I crazy??? 11 features/topics for this Friday’s TechNet webcast!

In doing my final preparations for part 7 of my TechNet webcast series on Building Robust, Reliable and Recoverable Systems, I decided to (once again) review my abstract. I do this as a last step to make sure I cover everything I said I would cover. Here’s the abstract: TechNet Webcast: SQL Server 2005 for […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 5 of 11

Well, Friday brought another flood of great questions from everyone as we moved our way through many of the new 2005 tools. The one thing that I really wanted to stress was that *many* SQL Server 2005 tools (SQLCMD, SSMS and SQL Profiler) offer important features that can be leveraged today, even if your primary […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 4 of 11

And another one bites the dust! Wow – what a great group today… soooooo many questions! For those of you that weren’t there – the lecture was 80 minutes and the additional Q&A went on for another 45 minutes. So – as a result, there were *a lot* of additional resources needed. Let me get started […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 3 of 11

OK – so Bob Beachemin delivered Part 2 and I was back for Part 3. We had lots of folks on board with this session (more than 400) and as a result, I had a lot of questions. More than anything it seems like a lot of you wanted to know which versions of which […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 1 of 11

Hey there everyone – Well there was lots of excitement around our first session…so much so that apparently a Live Meeting server went down and caused MANY of you to get booted-out or even blocked-from attending (figures, right!)…. Ugh (talk about the irony here – a series on high availability that isn’t available because a […]

Long time since I last blogged – wow…too much going on!

Hey there everyone – Sorry for the delay in blogging. Lots of great stuff to chat about but right now I’m in the throws of a lot of event planning! I hope that some of you will be able to attend one or more of these GREAT upcoming events: Webcasts A TechNet, 11-part Series starts […]

MSDN Webcast Series Wrap-up Resources

Hey there everyone! I know I still owe you a few Q&A entries (for sessions 7, 8 and 9) but I wanted to get this blog entry out there so that you can play a bit with some of the resources. This series was targeted at developers but really helps to "bridge the gap" between […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: A Primer to Proper SQL Server Development, Part 6 of 10

Effectively Designing a Scalable and Reliable Database A Primer to Proper SQL Server Development SQL Server Mixed Workloads, Secondary Databases, Locking and Isolation, Part 6 of 10 Presented by Kimberly L. Tripp, SQLskills.com Q: Can I view a recording of this webcast?Part 6 can be replayed by clicking here. Q: Where can we get the demo scripts […]

PDC Pre-conference Workshop Resources…and what a list it is!

Brian A. Randell’s Blog: http://www.mcwtech.com/CS/blogs/brianr/default.aspxMCWTechnologies Website: http://www.mcwtech.com/ Kimberly L. Tripp’s Blog: http://www.SQLskills.com/blogs/KimberlySQLskills Website: http://www.SQLskills.com Presentation ResourcesPresentation in PDF formKimberly’s Demo ScriptsBrian’s Demo Scripts and Code Running SQL Server 2000 tools and SQL Server 2005 tools side-by-sideWe talked about re-registering all of your COM components and I didn’t have a slide for this. So, if SQL […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: A Primer to Proper SQL Server Development, Part 5 of 10

Effectively Designing a Scalable and Reliable Database A Primer to Proper SQL Server Development New Features in Indexing and Index Maintenance Best Practices, Part 5 of 10 Presented by Kimberly L. Tripp, SQLskills.com Q: Can I view a recording of this webcast? Part 5 can be replayed by clicking here. Q: Where can we get the demo […]

Another Immersion Event ends…

Well…another custom Immersion Event ends…….. four days, 12 modules, nothing but SQL Server 2005: internals, availability and tuning. This week I delivered a four-day course titled: Building Highly Scalable, Available and Reliable Systems with SQL Server 2005. The course was delivered for the SQL Server customer team – to a few of their top TAP […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: A Primer to Proper SQL Server Development, Part 4 of 10

Effectively Designing a Scalable and Reliable Database A Primer to Proper SQL Server Development Indexing Best Practices, Part 4 of 10Presented by Kimberly L. Tripp, SQLskills.com For a list of the non-technical Resources related to this webcast, please review the following blog entry:MSDN Webcast Q&A for Resources: Indexing Best Practices, Part 4 of 10  Technical Questions […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A for Resources: Indexing Best Practices, Part 4 of 10

Effectively Designing a Scalable and Reliable Database A Primer to Proper SQL Server Development Indexing Best Practices, Part 4 of 10 Presented by Kimberly L. Tripp, SQLskills.com Q: Can I view a recording of this webcast? The webcast will be available for viewing within 24 hours. All “on-demand” webcasts can be found here. Q: Where […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: A Primer to Proper SQL Server Development, Part 3 of 10

MSDN Webcast: A Primer to Proper SQL Server Development Designing Tables that Scale, Best Practices in Data Types and Initial Table Structures, Part 3 of 10 Presented by Kimberly L. Tripp, SQLskills.com Q: Can I view a recording of this webcast? Here’s the specific replay link. Q: Where can we get the demo scripts? The […]

Getting ready for Part 4, “Best Practices in Indexing” in the MSDN Webcast Series on Effectively Designing a Scalable and Reliable Database

Two days isn't enough time! In fact, that's really true. There are so many interesting (well, I think they're interesting) aspects to Indexing that we could in fact do a whole 10-part Series on Indexing and it's likely that we'd still have other things to look at and talk about. So, in preparation for part […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: A Primer to Proper SQL Server Development, Part 2 of 10

MSDN Webcast Q&A: A Primer to Proper SQL Server Development Creating a Reliable and Automated Backup Strategy, Part 2 of 10 Presented by Kimberly L. Tripp, SQLskills.com Q: Can I view a recording of this webcast? Here’s the specific replay link. Q: Where can we get the demo scripts? The demo scripts are in this zip […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: A Primer to Proper SQL Server Development, Part 1 of 10

MSDN Webcast Q&A: A Primer to Proper SQL Server Development Creating a Recoverable Database, Part 1 of 10 Presented by Kimberly L. Tripp, SQLskills.com Q: Can I view a recording of this webcast? Here’s the specific Replay Link: http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=1032278585&Culture=en-US Q: Where can we get the demo scripts? The demo scripts are in this zip (20050805 […]

MSDN Webcast Series to start tomorrow!

Wow, I've been horribly bad at blogging these days and I owe you a few entries as well… But, good news, I have a new MSDN Webcast series that will help to answer a lot of best practices in database design strategies that can help you achieve better scalability, availability and reliability. All of my […]

SQLskills welcomes Bob Beauchemin

Today, SQLskills proudly annouces an exciting addition to our company… Bob Beauchemin – a database developer and SQL Server 2005 expert in the developer space – joins SQLskills as the Director of Developer Skills. Bob brings a tremendous amount of expertise with him in having worked with computers since 1977 and a variety of databases […]

Two contests…GREAT prizes… Good luck!

If you’re not aware, there are two SQL Server 2005 contests running: Connected Systems Developer Competition, Prize $50,000 USDClick on the graphic for the link to the competition site:   Best Migration from Oracle to SQL Server, Prize – Custom Chopper (approx. $50,000 USD)Click on the graphic for the link to the competition site: GOOD […]

GrokTalks have been posted!

Scott Stanfield, a Microsoft Regional Director, had a great idea for Tech*Ed US (well, it was a great idea before he knew exactly how much work was involved :)… He decided that he would get other Microsoft Regional Directors together to discuss (and record) interesting topics for just 10 minutes (of course, some of us […]

An interview with theServerside.net has been posted!

Many of you in the .NET Community are already familar with theServerSide.NET but many of you in the SQL Server community are not…well, here’s your chance to bridge the gap over to .NET and hear a bunch of great .NET interviews! My interview is more SQL-centric but there are lots of great ones on Development […]

SQL Server 2005 Tools – Resources to effectively use SQLCMD

On Tuesday, June 21, I had the pleasure of assisting on a TechNet webcast delivered by Michiel Wories – a Program Manager from the SQL Server Development Team at Microsoft. My assistance was limited as I really just listened and helped answer some of the questions that came up during the session. In fact, there […]

Ever-increasing clustering key – the Clustered Index Debate……….again!

As I'm preparing for my Tech*Ed session on Indexing Best Practices in SQL Server 2005, I'm reminded that there are a ton of best practices that really apply to both SQL Server 2000 as well as SQL Server 2005. When it comes to indexing, there are many dependencies on the storage structures. These dependencies are […]

You learn something new everyday!

I think there are numerous reasons for why I love technology but at the top of the list: learning. It’s amazing to me that not a day goes by where I don’t dig deeper into something or clarify it further. Even learning something trivial, like a new keystroke, can make our work easier to do […]

Clarifying LEFT and RIGHT in the defintion of a PARTITION FUNCTION in SQL Server 2005

NOTE: Generally, I recommend RIGHT-based partition function so that you don't have to deal with datetime timetick issues at all. However, this post can really help you if you still want to use LEFT-based partition functions. Enjoy!!!  When creating partitioned tables in SQL Server 2005, a partition function requires a LEFT or RIGHT designation. In general, […]

Kimberly on .NET Rocks Again – Friday, April 22, 2005 @ 3PM Pacific Time

OK, so I’m going to do it again… I’m going back on .NET Rocks with Carl and Richard. We’re going to try to stay focused and focus on SQL Server – 2000 and 2005. I’m looking forward to chatting about events, conferences and ways to improve performance/availability! I’m also excited to chat more with Toy […]

Exciting Events Ahead…

OK, so I’ve been bad (at best) at blogging this year… but I’ll blame some of that on the fact that I’ve done more travel in these first three months of the year then I’ve ever done. Yes, I’ve been to Charlotte, NC (for a SQL Server 2005 Ascend Workshop) then Dallas, TX (for yet […]

Buy an hour of time for a good cause!

In the words of Stephen Forte, “Bid early, bid often.” I am constantly amazed at the technical breadth and depth of the team of Microsoft Regional Directors… Roughly 150 people from every corner of the world who not only work in technology but also love it (well, most of the time :)…  I’ve been honored […]

SQL Server 2005 Developer Webcast Series Coming Soon to MSDN

Starting the week of December 6th, Microsoft will launch a series of webcasts focused on SQL Server 2005 Development. During the week of December 6th, Microsoft/MSDN will host 15 webcasts introducing all the new features of SQL Server 2005 for Developers. Then, starting in January, there will be at least one webcast per week focused […]

My home town was a great place to kick off our first SQL Immersion Event

During the week of October 11, I delivered a four day “immersion” event where we focused on nothing but performance tuning – from design to indexing to optimizing procedural code. There were many states represented (CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MA, MI, MS, NE, NY, OH, OR, TX, UT, WA, and WI) and it […]

So much to blog about, so little time :(

Wow, seems like forever since I last blogged… and yes, it was! Many exciting things have happened over the last few weeks and that’s part of the reason for my silence… Thought I’d do a quick list of highlights and hopefully I’ll expand on a few of these things over the next few days. At […]

SQL Server 2005 Partitioned Tables and Indexes

While getting ready for the PASS Community Summit in Orlando this week (where I plan to talk about SQL Server 2005 Partitioned Tables/Indexes), I realized we were close but not quite ready to release the post-beta II whitepaper on MSDN. So, in preparation for PASS we decided to post a pre-release of the partitioning paper […]

PASS in Orlando, September 27 – October 1 – Are you going to be there?

Each year as the weeks approach my September trip to Florida, I hear about hurricane after hurricane. I always wonder why conferences choose September (or August or October for that matter) in Orlando?? However, having said that – I’ve been to Orlando in September for the last 3 years and the weather’s always been perfect! […]

SQL Server 2005 – Profiler with Performance Monitor Integration and a bit more with Management Studio

I began setting up for Profiler and Performance Monitor by first launching Profiler and then launching Performance Monitor within it (there’s an icon for PerfMon second from the Right or you can select Performance Monitor from the Tools Menu). I had already created a Performance Monitor Counter Log so all I needed to do was […]

SQL Server 2005 – Management Studio Scripting Option and SQLCMD (loving it!)

One of my favorite features of Management Studio is the ability to “script” a step rather than execute it. Within SQL Management Studio, each dialog has 4 different options from which to choose (these are including the typical OK/Cancel) but also add a couple more at the top of the dialog:   At the top […]

SQLskills SQL Immersion Event Almost Full!

The SQLskills SQL Immersion Week is broken down into two primary parts: Part I: Server-side Performance Tuning delivered by Kimberly L. Tripp – which runs from Monday through Thursday, October 11 through the 15Part II: Client-side Data Access Best Practices delivered by William R. Vaughn on Friday, October 15. Monday through Friday the formal lecture […]

Is it Boeing or Bowing? Highlights from the ECC…

The week began with my playing shuttle bus, hotel rest stop and tour guide – and loving it… Friends from around the globe were landing in Seattle and so I was off to the airport (Monday) to greet them and get them over to the hotel. I live in Redmond and I own an SUV […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – Fragmentation, Deletes and the “Sliding Window” Scenario and it’s the LAST one!

People always ask me how I keep up to date with SQL Server and how I could possibly know so many intricate details about SQL Server… Well, I test/play/figure it out until it’s obvious (painfully sometimes and sometimes it’s not obvious). So, this blog entry is based on a specific question that made me want […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – Fragmentation Questions, Part III

Q: How do I interpret DBCC SHOWCONTIG WITH ALL_INDEXES on index id = 255 on a table with multiple text columns. I’m looking at a copy of last night’s production after running Maintenance Plan Optimizations. Scan density on table and all indexes is 99 – 100%. Logical Fragmentation is 0% for everything except text column […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – Fragmentation Questions, Part II

Q: Can I automate DBCC DBREINDEX to rebuild all tables on all databases on a server? Actually, yes and no… With stored procedures you’ll have a hard time changing database context without having to use dynamic string execution…. And so this can add a bit of frustration. BUT – it’s your lucky day (and really, […]

Blogging backlog – time to start catching up!!!

Well, I’ve not been 100% for the past couple of weeks – been a bit under the weather. I’m behind (go figure) and I have a lot of catching up to do! Thought I’d give you a heads up on what’s to come and what I’ve done recently (well, before I seemingly dropped off the […]

Kimberly on .NET Rocks – TOMORROW – Thursday, July 29 from 7 to 9 p.m. Pacific Time

Quick entry to let you know that Kimberly L. Tripp will be on .NET Rocks tomorrow evening from 7-9p.m. Pacific Time. The show is recorded live and then edited over the weekend. The recorded session will be posted on Monday, August 2nd. Kimberly’s plan will be to discuss performance tuning techniques, indexing strategies, the clustered […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – Fragmentation Questions, Part I

Q: Is there another way to determine fragmentation? I don’t want to use DBCC SHOWCONTIG as it locks objects. Well, this is a good question and unfortunately, there really isn’t a way to generate information such as Scan Density or Average Page Density without running DBCC SHOWCONTIG. However, if you decide that you’re only interested […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – Index Usage Questions

Before I launch into the Q&A from this area there are a few other resources with Index Usage Q&A that you should also check out:             Review the Q&A from the June 11 Webcast here.             Review the Q&A page on SQLskills here.   Q: How does SQL server decide what index to use when […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – Clustering Key Choice

Q: What about using uniqueidentifier fields for keys in a clustered index, will this affect performance? They are random numbers so they are not monotonically increasing… Ha, I always want to time how long it’s going to take for me to get this question. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve EVER given an indexing lecture (where […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – General Questions

Q: Does clustering rely on the operating system for performance? Well, I have to admit I am not entirely sure of the question here… But – I think I understand from where it might originate (well, I’ll try). First – and unfortunately (and also somewhat seriously), I think many people lack creativity in choosing a […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – Related Resource Questions

Q: Can I view a recording of this webcast? On demand MSDN webcasts (in general) can be found here. The Index Defragmentation Best Practices session is ready and available here. The prerequisite Indexing Best Practices session (from June 11) is here.   Q: Where can we get a print out of the slides? I have […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A – almost ready….

NOTE: These have NOT yet been completed and there are still a few questions that need to be answered. I will wrap these up shortly and also break them down into separate blog entries so they’re easier to wade through. I will also post the pdf, the webcast link (when it’s available), the demo scripts […]

Upcoming MSDN Webcast – Index Defrag Best Practices

Abstract: In SQL Server, Performance Tuning can be achieved through many avenues: hardware, software, the database and the client. While there are many pathes that yield gains, finding the imporvements that give the greatest gain with the least impact on your current systems is a must. In SQL Server there is no other area in […]

Goodbye Amsterdam – hello Chicago!

Once again, Tech*Ed Amsterdam rates up there as one of my favorite conference weeks… the fun city, the social events, and especially – the speakers and the staff – all come together to make the week not only informational but just an absolutely sleepless blast! Last year I wrote up an “event log” about hardware nightmares […]

They do more than just technology!

It’s amazing the things you learn about people the more time you spend with them… the first thing I want to share is about a great longtime friend of mine – Gert Drapers. It’s based on the fact that one of the best parts about a regional event is that you often end up in […]

MSDN Webcast Archive Available but…

OK – I’ve requested that MSDN create a new “support webcast” page that has all of these links added to it (for a more complete archive/reference item) but it’s not yet been completed. For completeness – here are ALL of the resources: The actual archive of the MSDN Webcast is here. The full Q&A in […]

SQLskills SQL Immersion Event (Oct 2004) will add open lab time and extended hours!

I just got off the phone with the event site… and it’s confirmed! We will add wireless internet access in the meeting room, along with extended labs hours – so you can stay connected as well as keep up with the interesting content! On Monday we will distribute CDs with the course demo database, all […]

MSDN Webcast SQL Index Tuning Q&A: Index Management/Maintenance Questions

Index Management/Maintenance Questions: Q: Is there a tool or method for monitoring a database for awhile to identify indexes that are rarely or never used – that should be considered for removing? I think I mentioned this one late in the presentation but it certainly warrants an answer. Unfortunately, the answer is both yes and […]

MSDN Webcast SQL Index Tuning Q&A: Index Creation Questions

Index Creation Questions: Q: In an OLTP server do clustered indexes create a negative performance impact to the constant inserts and updates? The wrong clustered index can for sure… In most environments, having the right clustered index (an index on an ever-increasing key) will be better than a heap (a table without a clustered index) […]

MSDN Webcast SQL Index Tuning Q&A: General Questions

General Questions: Q: If you want to know the value of the key prior to your insert statement, how can you use identity? You could insert a “place-holder” row (i.e. a row that uses only defaults and/or just basic information so that you can get the @@identity of the row) and then come back later […]

MSDN Webcast SQL Index Tuning Q&A: Tools

Tools Questions: Q: Isn’t there some issue with profiler where it does not recognize DBName but only the DBID? Well, this is a good one – and a frustrating one as well. It is true that Profiler doesn’t always generate a data column value for every type of event. So – if you setup filters […]

MSDN Webcast SQL Index Tuning Q&A: Related Resources

Related Resources: Q: Can I view a recording of this webcast? It should be available on www.microsoft.com/usa/webcasts/ondemand shortly.   Q: Where can we get the powerpoint file? The powerpoint will be available on the MSDN webcast resource page. I will post the exact link here and on SQLskills.com as soon as the final link is […]

Indexes from Every Angle – Finding the Right Balance

This Friday I’ll deliver an MSDN webcast on SQL Server Indexing – for people who are not SQL Server experts. It’s a good overview of what you should look for, what you should do and which tools will give you the best bang for the buck when used correctly… Here’s the MSDN link: http://msevents.microsoft.com/cui/eventdetail.aspx?eventid=1032252961&culture=en-us. See […]