What a week for our first Immersion Event on Internals and Performance

This post is from OUR perspective. The next one I'm going to do is from our attendee feedback!  Last week was our first week delivering a new style of Immersion Event. And, now that the class has finished, we're really happy with our decisions on content and naming. The name was new because we had […]

Do I need to be a master for “master immersion events”?

I've been getting this question a lot lately. I've been asked this mainly because numerous folks have told me that they don't think they're ready for this level of training. Many have even said that they don't think they're ready for the "master immersion events" because they think they're too advanced. This is the part […]

Intense Immersion Events are back – for 2011

As some of you may have seen from Paul's blog, we've started to announce dates and course curriculums for 2011. I’m really excited about these events mostly because we just completed a similar event last week in San Diego, CA. Last week’s event was our last for the year and it couldn’t have gone better […]

Exciting news for the Microsoft Certified Masters (MCM) Program!

Paul's blogged quite a few of the details here: Big changes to the MCM program and how SQLskills can help you and there's not too much to add except that we'll have some locations and dates to announce soon. And, we're tweaking our current Immersion Event training (even the one in San Diego, CA in December) […]