Presentation Skills – How to Create a Connection

Erin Stellato (blog | twitter) asked on her SQLskills blog for comments/recommendations on presenting (be sure to check out the comments/links). She wrote a fantastic post on her favorite recommendations for new speakers here. And, I thought I'd add a couple of quick recommendations as well. First and foremost, if you want to create a connection […]

Please don’t create a painful slide deck

OK, I know that a lot of you know where I was this week… yes, the MVP Summit. I absolutely love getting together with so many friends that I don't regularly see… This is by far, my favorite part about this annual event. Yes, I know I get access to cool information about upcoming technologies […]

Getting the most from the system you have now!

Given the general state of the economy…many companies are looking to cut back. Going back over what we've done and "optimizing" things -> budgets, expenses, etc. is the norm right now. And, scaling back is not always a bad thing – unless the wrong things are cut. Unless the wrong things are used to motivate […]

Getting started in speaking publicly – clear and concise presentations

Well, I had wanted to come up with a clever reply to my husband's oh-so-romantic blog post (here). And, well, in all honesty, that *is* the best present for me… but, probably not what most would say is romantic ;-). We've both had quite an effect on each other's presentation styles. We constantly remind each […]