Inconsistent analysis in read committed using locking

Well, I had a second post already planned and partially written but a comment on the first post (in what’s going to become a multi-part series) has made me decide to do a different part 2 post. So, make sure you read this post first: Locking, isolation, and read consistency. The comment was about how read committed […]

Locking, isolation, and read consistency

Today I ran into a really interesting locking / blocking problem that I want to discuss… originally, a related discussion came up last week in our IEPTO1 course (Immersion Event on Performance Tuning – Part 1) but today I ran into a similar problem that brought me back to the original discussion and I was able to reproduce the original […]

The Accidental DBA (Day 28 of 30): Troubleshooting: Blocking

This month the SQLskills team is presenting a series of blog posts aimed at helping Accidental/Junior DBAs ‘keep the SQL Server lights on’. It’s a little taster to let you know what we cover in our Immersion Event for The Accidental/Junior DBA, which we present several times each year. You can find all the other posts in […]