Trusting the tools!

Well, it's been a crazy few weeks! Paul and I have been booked solid with client engagements, Immersion Events, conferences and other things (like chapter editing for the upcoming SQL Server Deep Dives Volume 2) and so I've been a bit behind with blogging. I have a ToDo list of items to blog about but […]

How much does that key cost? (plus sp_helpindex9)

OK, two in two days? What's wrong with me (is what Paul said) after he said – who are you and where is my wife? But, this one is a short one, specifically a follow-on to my prior post about "Disk space is cheap…" I did a bit of simple math on the internal overhead and […]

GUIDs as PRIMARY KEYs and/or the clustering key

(Be sure to join our community to get our monthly newsletter with exclusive content, advance notice of classes with discount codes, and other SQL Server goodies!) Expanding on the topic of “are you kidding me”… one of the MOST PREVALENT problems I see today is the dreaded “GUIDs as PKs” problem. However, just to be […]

Whose job is it anyway?

Well, today has definitely been enlightening. I've been around and around with a few folks (mostly Tim Huckaby and Richard Campbell – who are BOTH great friends and people whose opinions I greatly respect!!!) and I've come a conclusion… Paul started down this line of commentary here: and this was in reference to something I […]

Seriously, are you kidding me?

**** UPDATE March 17, 2009 **** Be sure to read the comments. This doesn't appear to be as bad as it seemed…still glad I did the rant though; I learned more about what it's actually doing! :)  And, it's still good to have good database design – NO MATTER WHAT! **** OK… today's been a bit of a weird […]