Physical Database Design Considerations and a bit of freediving

Something that always amazes me is that people think SQL Server is easy. And, I’d like to (at least partially) blame Microsoft marketing for that. Over the years they’ve propagated this notion of SQL Server being a simplified database environment even “zero-administration” at one point (anyone remember that marketing nightmare?). And, while there are MANY […]

Getting ready for DotNetRocks tonight (in NYC)

I've had quite the past with Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin and we're about to do it again… a dotNetRocks that is! They're traveling the country in an RV and stopping at all sorts of places to talk about development best practices and VS 2012. If you have the time – you should definitely check […]

Interviews with MidnightDBA are posted

At PASS we hung out with Sean McCown and Jen McCown (of MidnightDBA) and chatted… and, despite our better judgement, it was recorded. ;-) These aren't overly technical but they are fun! Enjoy!! Part 1 of 2: Part 2 of 2: And, our favorite "travel tip" from the video is to know your plane […]