SQLskills – Meet Our Amazing Team

It’s funny… As I began this year, I realized how much I enjoyed scrolling through photos on Instagram. If you’re not on it, the beauty of it is that it’s just photos. No statuses, no politics, no links – just photos. I’m following some amazing photographers – both above and below water – as well […]

SQLintersection Fall 2017 – 4 weeks to go!

As we head towards our 10th SQLintersection in four weeks, we’re excited to say that it’s once again our most diverse, complete, and information-packed show yet! One of the pieces of feedback we hear over and over is that attendees love SQLintersection because it’s a smaller, laid-back show, where you get to actually spend time talking […]

New features plus excellent tips & tricks – 2016 is looking great!

There are so many exciting things going on this year and it’s just getting started! If I’m being honest, I haven’t been as excited for a new release of SQL Server for a long time. Don’t get me wrong – I love new features and I love fixes but I’m also a firm believer in “if it ain’t […]

SQLintersection Spring 2016 – Our best line-up yet!

As we head into our 7th SQLintersection this April, I’m excited to say that it’s one of our most diverse, complete, and information-packed shows yet! We’ve added a 3rd precon day to our show and with our postcon day, there are 9 full-day workshops from which to choose. We have 3 SQL keynotes that are […]

Our 5th SQLintersection is coming up in May 2015

I can’t believe we’re already approaching our 5th co-located SQLintersection & DEVintersection events… if you’re interested in how we got here – check out some of my past posts: SQLintersection: a new year, a new conference SQLintersection’s Fall Conference – It’s all about ROI! Fall SQLintersection is coming up soon and we can’t wait! SQLintersection Conference and […]

SQLintersection Conference and SQLafterDark Evening Event – what a fantastic week in Vegas!

      It’s been a busy few weeks… and it all came together amazing well last week as we had our twice yearly SQLintersection conference (the Fall event is usually held in Las Vegas). It was only 2 years ago that we decided to move to a different format and really handle a conference […]

Building High Performance Stored Procedures

[NOTE: Update 12 Nov 2014. The most recent bug (KB article KB2965069) is THANKFULLY very unlikely for most environments (mentioned below). As a result, I’m glad to say that we can use OPTION (RECOMPILE) as a much easier (and safer) solution. So, while I’ll still leave solution 3 as an option if you run into troubles with […]

And so it (PASS 2014) begins…

Tonight is the opening evening event for PASS 2014 and we’re (SQLskills, as a team), really looking forward to seeing familiar faces and hearing your fantastic questions, problems, and DBA-stories. I’m putting the final touches on my session (and also going over feedback from last year’s session) and I stumbled on a bunch of photos that […]

Fall SQLintersection is coming up soon and we can’t wait!

In just a couple of weeks (9-14 November 2014), we’ll be at our twice-yearly conference, SQLintersection. We’re really looking forward to it as our conference is different than many others… our sessions are hand-picked and combined to create daily “tracks” with themes. Often, I’ll even ask a speaker if they could talk about x or y or z […]

SQLintersection’s Fall Conference – It’s all about ROI!

Brent [Ozar] beat me to the punch this morning with his fantastic post on SQLintersection’s Fall conference here: SQL Intersection Registration Open but, I wanted to second that with a few more details. I first blogged about our new [in 2013] conference here: http://www.sqlskills.com/blogs/kimberly/sqlintersection-new-conference/ and when we had only just planned our first event, we just weren’t quite […]

SQLintersection: a new year, a new conference

UPDATE (April 17, 2013): We just finished our FIRST SQLintersection conference with wild success. We’re currently working on our next event – scheduled for October 27-30, 2013. More posts coming soon but it looks like we have the right idea from two comments I received just today: On Twitter (11:50am PT today) from Michelle Ufford (@sqlfool): Colleague who […]

Disk space is cheap…

.  THAT'S NOT THE POINT!!! .  The simple point is that bad (or sloppy/lazy) design cannot be tuned. If you think that data type choice, nullability, keys – don't really matter – you won't scale. It is possible that you may completely fail because of this. Have you ever heard (or possibly said?), let's just […]

Lots of learning options – which is best and what’s coming up soon!

For someone that's been in the working world for many years (I wish I really were only 29 ;-), I know the struggle that everyone goes through in keeping up with technology. I admit, it's hard to stay current and it takes time and effort to do so. I attend online webcasts, I read whitepapers, […]

SQL Connections Fall 2010 – Call for Abstracts

Last week we completed another SQL Server Magazine/SQLConnections conference and already, it's time to start planning for the Fall show. Once again, Paul and I will be managing the SQL side of the conference and we'd like to invite you to submit abstracts for sessions at the conference. The Fall 2010 SQL Connections conference will […]

Upcoming events – great topics, great locations!

Coming up quickly, there are some great events to help you with best practices, tips and tricks and learning SQL Server 2008 R2 (which has just been announced to release in May this year). You can read about the upcoming R2 release on the "Data Platform Insider" blog post here. So, how do you keep up? […]

Travel tips – tagged by Kevin!

This is a bit overdue as Kevin Kline tagged me in a meme post to help people get ready for their travel to PASS. However, we were too busy with travel (we were in Australia at the time) to get to it. And, while this year's PASS has past, it's not too late for travel in […]

SQL Server MVP Deep Dives (book for charity)

Well… it's finally been released and last week was the book launch. This book came together first as a goal by Paul Nielsen who was motivated by Steve Ballmer's request that MVPs "give back" even more and even outside of the direct technical community. Paul had the idea of a book – written for charity […]

The fall line-up and event list – we hope to see you there!

We've finally booked all of our tickets and started planning final details for all our of our classes and conferences this fall. We've got quite a few things planned and tons of great content at each. By continent, here's the plan: Europe Dublin, Ireland: September 21-25. Paul and I will be teaching a week-long Immersion Event – combining […]

Good strategies – excellent improvements… thanks Jim!

This morning, I woke to a wonderful email and I thought I would share it: Good morning Kimberly, I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how awesome you are! I have applied some of your indexing strategies to our website’s homegrown CMS and we are experiencing a significant performance increase. WOW….amazing tips […]

Connections is 3 weeks away and counting!

It's an exciting year for us for DevConnections! SQL Server 2008 has now been out for a few months and an SP is coming up soon. This is the sign that some customers wait for to migrate over to the new release feeling that an SP indicates a higher level of stability. But, this is […]

Getting the most from the system you have now!

Given the general state of the economy…many companies are looking to cut back. Going back over what we've done and "optimizing" things -> budgets, expenses, etc. is the norm right now. And, scaling back is not always a bad thing – unless the wrong things are cut. Unless the wrong things are used to motivate […]

Getting started in speaking publicly – clear and concise presentations

Well, I had wanted to come up with a clever reply to my husband's oh-so-romantic blog post (here). And, well, in all honesty, that *is* the best present for me… but, probably not what most would say is romantic ;-). We've both had quite an effect on each other's presentation styles. We constantly remind each […]