SQLskills – Meet Our Amazing Team

It’s funny… As I began this year, I realized how much I enjoyed scrolling through photos on Instagram. If you’re not on it, the beauty of it is that it’s just photos. No statuses, no politics, no links – just photos. I’m following some amazing photographers – both above and below water – as well […]

And so it (PASS 2014) begins…

Tonight is the opening evening event for PASS 2014 and we’re (SQLskills, as a team), really looking forward to seeing familiar faces and hearing your fantastic questions, problems, and DBA-stories. I’m putting the final touches on my session (and also going over feedback from last year’s session) and I stumbled on a bunch of photos that […]

We <3 you too!

Just today, Jen McCown (blog|twitter) of the Midnight DBA team blogged about their recent poll – who in the SQL community "does it right" in terms of community involvement. What's great is that the results were just published and SQLskills has come in second to SQL Sentry for community involvement. This is great news and we're happy […]

Project Phoenix – Getting back on track!

For any of you that might have been negatively impacted by the recent recession and are looking to get back into development, Arnie Rowland (a fellow SQL Server MVP) has created Project Phoenix. Just as a Phoenix has to periodically regenerate itself, you might need to hone your skills and get some tools to help […]

Women in Tech – a great post by Stacia Misner

This "comment" started out as one but I've decided to make it a post as I hope that a few people that may follow me but not Stacia – will check out her post on WIT. The post to read is here: http://blog.datainspirations.com/2010/07/29/maybe-its-just-me-a-perspective-from-one-woman-in-it First – Great post. Second – Fantastic comments from folks in the SQL […]