The Tipping Point Query Answers

OK, I'll definitely take a beating from all of you for having gone so long between my survey posts and now. I won't even go into the details but between some crazy work schedules, multiple sinus problems and even migraines… well, I've been a bit behind. Let's just say that April/May were rough at best. […]

Tipping Point Queries – More Questions To Really Test You!

OK, so this is interesting. I've got a few answers to my last survey (Tipping Point Query #1) and well, there's a good mix of answers (and, yes, some are correct! ;)). Be sure to go back and review that last post so that you can evaluate it and these two tipping point questions completely. […]

Why aren’t those nonclustered indexes being used?

Along the same lines of improving database design and getting better performance on SQL Server (which [IMO] DOES take an experienced SQL Server database developer – but, we'll talk more about "whose job this really is" in many more posts and probably even a RunAs – which Richard and I just setup to record on […]