Work-Life-Balance and Alternative-Obsessions

  Over the past few years, Paul and I have worked to get to a point where we can work with SQL but also satisfy our urge to explore (and dive!). Finding a perfect balance between work and life can be challenging; I’m not sure we’ve done it as we tend to work really hard, and have […]

Always wear sunscreen

OK, I know… this post is going to remind many of you of Baz Luhrmann’s Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen. And, for me, ’99 was already probably too late (having been a beach lifeguard in the ’80s). But, I’d like to add a vote to that being very good advice. This post is not going […]

Important non-SQL request: Help save polar bears in Russia!

Last year Paul and I had the pleasure of taking an amazing adventure into the Arctic with Heritage Expeditions on the Spirit of Enderby (Professor Khromov). In addition to seeing a ton of wildlife (polar bears, arctic fox, walrus, puffins, whales, etc.) we were fortunate enough to meet some of the local experts who have spent […]

Social networking – how many is too many?

Well, back in April of 2009 I blogged Social networking, keeping up with friends/family and getting more tech info! and I essentially said that I was going to limit myself to only Facebook and Twitter. Low and behold, I've succumbed to yet another network – LinkedIn. The SQL Server Community is *incredibly* strong online: in forums, twitter groups (such […]

What led me to where I am today and what’s inspired me along the way?

Ha… I'm finally sitting down today to write my homework. Homework created by my lovely husband when he tagged me in his blog post: Obviously, there are many factors which lead people to where they are now. Some influences are small – almost undetectable. While others are large – and can’t possibly go without […]

Social networking, keeping up with friends/family and getting more tech info!

OK, I know I don't blog all that often but when I do, I do try and post as much useful information as I can :). I've got a few posts in the queue and a few more tests to do and code to write before I can wrap them up. In the interim, Paul […]

Good strategies – excellent improvements… thanks Jim!

This morning, I woke to a wonderful email and I thought I would share it: Good morning Kimberly, I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how awesome you are! I have applied some of your indexing strategies to our website’s homegrown CMS and we are experiencing a significant performance increase. WOW….amazing tips […]

Resources: A panel on HA and a second on Women In Tech

OK, in my quest to blog more often, I realized I have the perfect thing to blog about today… stuff I did that I haven't yet told you about. :) :) At TechEd US, Paul and I were on a panel created to debunk some of the more common questions/concerns when setting up High Availability. […]

SQL Server 2008 fails to send database mail, Sparse columns with filtered indexes, Upcoming Events, and – as usual – catching up (i.e. cookies)!

OK, so, I don't blog very often. I don't know what it is… I think it's that I feel like I always need to blog huge posts and the thought of writing my huge post makes me not want to blog… so, sometimes my time-between-blogging (TBB :) is long. I'm going to turn over a […]

Something to think about as we approach Memorial Day…

Paul just blogged about all of our scanning here… Overall, this is a very daunting and time consuming task (scanning and touching up hundreds of images) but it’s also very therapeutic. However, I have to admit that I’m sorry that I didn’t do a lot of this sooner. I can’t believe how much I’ve enjoyed […]

When did you last backup your home/personal/less-critical system… is it really less-critical?

Have you ever written something and then lost it… for whatever reason: your own stupidity (come on we’ve all accidentally done something at some point where we lost data or a spreadsheet or a document or something…), the software eats it (this might be self-inflicted but I’ve been in apps that just hang and that’s […]

Our first trip of the New Year…Shanghai and Beijing

Actually, I can’t even begin to tell you how great it is that Paul loves blogging so much… he does an amazing job filling in everyone (even our family :)) with our travels through his “personal” posts on his blog (and, he always researches the sites/details as well). And, so, with our mostly business event […]

Donald Wayne Tripp, August 6, 1944 – November 28, 2007

Since many of you follow our (Paul and my) blogs, you know that my Father has been terribly ill this year… On Wednesday, November 28, 2007, my Father passed away. Paul and I were by his side when he went peacefully and for this – and all of the time we had together, even recently […]

He could be doing worse things…

OK, so Paul could be doing worse things while I’m away… but, what was he doing? I guess you’ll have to read here and listen here. Enjoy!kt

Our Perfect Weekend…

OK, I’m not normally the one to blog a lot of personal stuff but there’s definitely a reason for a lot of my silence over the past couple of months……. I was planning a wedding. OK, Paul helped out more than you would expect – he met with the officiant (Annemarie of Annemarie Juhlian), the […]