SQLintersection Spring 2016 – Our best line-up yet!

As we head into our 7th SQLintersection this April, I’m excited to say that it’s one of our most diverse, complete, and information-packed shows yet! We’ve added a 3rd precon day to our show and with our postcon day, there are 9 full-day workshops from which to choose. We have 3 SQL keynotes that are […]

New York .Net and SQL Server User Groups – We’re back!!

Date & Time: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 – 6:30-9pm Evening theme/title: SQL Server – Are you talking to me? Groups/Target Audience: SQL Server and .NET User Groups, anyone that works with SQL Server that wants to talk techie on Tuesday evening Cost: FREE (but, you must register; link at the end of this post) Presenters: […]

The Accidental DBA (Day 15 of 30): Statistics Maintenance

This month the SQLskills team is presenting a series of blog posts aimed at helping Accidental/Junior DBAs ‘keep the SQL Server lights on’. It’s a little taster to let you know what we cover in our Immersion Event for The Accidental/Junior DBA, which we present several times each year. You can find all the other posts in […]

Happy Holidays (and, this is why we’re keeping our day jobs!)

Happy Holidays from everyone at SQLskills! (although, only Kimberly and Paul were stupid enough to be recorded singing this)… Listen here (audio only): http://www.sqlskills.com/blogs/paul/content/binary/MerryChristmas.wav (but don't say I didn't warn you. And, it is completely office safe! ;-) Enjoy, kt

Public SQL Server Immersion Event in Dublin in September

Paul and I will be teaching a week-long public Immersion Event in Dublin, September 21-25, in partnership with our good friends at Prodata and Microsoft Ireland. The class will cover: Day 1: SQL Server Internals (On-disk structures, index internals, logging, recovery, transaction log architecture) Day 2: Designing for Performance (data types, table and index partitioning) Day […]

Just wondering – what SQL Server version are you using in production?

Hey there everyone – Out of curiosity, can you let me know (via comments to this blog entry) what version you’re using in production? AND – why? I guess I’d like to know some of the many reasons that you are staying with SQL Server 6.x or 7.0, if not SQL Server 2000 or SQL […]

Per capita, I trained 34,000 people this week!

Well, it’s a small country – but with a huge population of SQL Server users – especially as far as ratios go! This week I’ve been in Reykjavik, Iceland delivering my second SQL Server Immersion Event on SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization which was hosted by my friends at Miracle Iceland. fyi – I […]

Events, Events, Events!!!

Well, I’m not one to rant really but I have to tell you that you wouldn’t believe the comedy of errors that all fell together during my 31 hours of travel from my house in Redmond, WA to the hotel in the Babin Kuk area of Dubrovnik, Croatia. My original itinerary was SEA (Seattle) to […]