SP2 was released today… and, did you know about the Feature Pack?

OK – I feel like I know a fair amount about SQL Server but sometimes I also feel like I don’t :) :) I’m continuously amazed at how big a product SQL Server is… today was one of those days when I felt “I don’t”! I’ve been wanting to know more and more about the […]

So many ways to get your hands on SQL Server 2005

For the past couple of years, the early betas of SQL Server 2005 were very limited and even the events were somewhat limited – limited primarily to large customers under NDA, MVPs, RDs, and very dedicated SQL Server specialists. So far, only the SQL Express 2005 Edition made it on microsoft.com for download (click here […]

Best Practices Analyzer Releases

And the reason that Clemens blogged about me was actually a good one for all to know… Best Practices Analyzer has released. Everyone should be looking at whether or not their SQL Servers are adhering to roughly 70 or so commonly mispracticed practices. Have fun.