Using the VHD for our SQL Server 2008 HOLs

VHD stands for Virtual Hard Drive. A VHD is created with/by programs such as Virtual PC, Virtual Server, Hyper-V, etc. and there's a standard format associated with them. If you’re interested in reading more about VHDs, check out: To use a VHD you need to have a program installed to "host" it. Think of […]

Conference craziness comes to a close… (and DVD information)

Well, this has been a great "conference season" but I'm also glad that it's over for a bit. In the past 4 weeks, Paul and I have been to Vienna (check out Paul's post here), Barcelona (for TechED EMEA ITPro), Las Vegas (for SQL Connections) and finally to Seattle (for PASS). We live in Redmond […]

SQL2008HOLsVPC setup instructions and a note for the August 2008 release

OK, I know this post doesn't really apply to most folks but I did want to have the setup instructions on my blog so that I could refer people to it. For the August release we updated all 17 labs and all of the demos for SQL Server 2008 RTM; however, we did use a […]