New Intel Data Center SSDs

Intel has announced two new series of their 2.5-inch and 1.8-inch SATA data center solid-state drives. These are the upper-tier DC S3710 Series and mid-level DC S3610 Series. The DC S3710 replaces the previous DC S3700 Series, which was introduced back in late 2012. The high-level specifications for the entire Intel Solid-State Drive Data Center […]

Remote Presentation of Analyzing I/O Subsystem Performance for Israel PASS Chapter

I did a remote presentation of Analyzing I/O Subsystem Performance for the Israel PASS Chapter on Monday, February 2. Here is the abstract for this presentation: SQL Server is often I/O bound – but why? Do you feel lost when talking to your storage administrator? Are your storage subsystems like a mysterious black box where […]

SQL Server 2012 SP2 CU4 Available

Microsoft has released SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 2 Cumulative Update 4, which is Build 11.0.5569. This Cumulative Update has 36 fixes in the public fix list. This is the build that you want to be on if you are running SQL Server 2012, since you should be on the SQL Server 2012 SP2 branch […]

SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries for January 2015

I revised a number of the queries this month in all five versions of the script.  The main enhancements are additional comments and documentation about the queries. Here are the current query counts for each version: SQL Server 2014         72 Queries SQL Server 2012         69 Queries SQL Server 2008 R2    65 Queries SQL Server 2008         […]