AMD Ryzen Threadripper HEDT on August 10, 2017

If you have been thinking about buying/building a new desktop development/testing machine that has enough resources to run multiple concurrent large virtual machines or a large SQL Server workload, you might want to consider an AMD Ryzen Threadripper-based machine. AMD is doing a hard launch of this processor family on August 10, 2017. The two […]

Upgrading to SQL Server 2016

Many organizations are running older and possibly out of support versions of SQL Server, running on older versions of Windows Server, on old, slower, out of warranty hardware and storage. SQL Server 2005 fell out of extended support on April 12, 2016. SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 fell out of mainstream support […]

CPU-Z 1.80 is Available

CPU-Z 1.80 was released on July 10, 2017. It adds support for the new Intel Skylake-X and Kabylake-X high-end desktop processors (HEDT). It also adds information about your preferred core(s) in the Clocks dialog on the About tab. In case you are wondering what that means, some of the latest Intel processors have a new […]

SQLskills SQL101: Creating SQL Server Databases

As Kimberly blogged about earlier this year, SQLskills has an ongoing initiative to blog about basic topics, which we’re calling SQL101. We’re all blogging about things that we often see done incorrectly, technologies used the wrong way, or where there are many misunderstandings that lead to serious problems. If you want to find all of […]

SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries for July 2017

This month, there are more minor updates to the all of the versions of the queries. I usually make additional minor updates to the queries during the month, so if you are in doubt, downloading the latest version is always a good idea. Rather than having a separate blog post for each version, I have […]