SQL101: Avoiding Mistakes on a Production Database Server

As Kimberly blogged about earlier this year, SQLskills has an ongoing initiative to blog about basic topics, which we’re calling SQL101. We’re all blogging about things that we often see done incorrectly, technologies used the wrong way, or where there are many misunderstandings that lead to serious problems. If you want to find all of […]

SQL Server 2014 SP2 CU9

On December 18, 2017, Microsoft released SQL Server 2014 SP2 CU9, which is Build 12.05563.0. By my count, this CU has seven public hotfixes, nearly all of which are for the SQL Engine of SQL performance. Since SQL Server 2014 SP1 and earlier are no longer “supported service packs”, there is no corresponding CU for […]

SQL Server Missing Indexes Feature and Trace Flag 2392

Background Since the SQL Server 2005 release, SQL Server has had the default ability to collect metrics about what the query optimizer thinks are “missing” row store indexes, i.e. indexes that the query optimizer thinks would reduce the cost of particular individual queries that have been executed since SQL Server was last restarted. The word […]

SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries for December 2017

This month, there are more minor updates to the all of the versions of the queries, primarily in the comments and documentation. There is also a new query for the SQL Server 2017 set of queries. I often make additional minor updates to the queries periodically during the month, so if you are in doubt, […]