SQLskills SQL Immersion Event Almost Full!

The SQLskills SQL Immersion Week is broken down into two primary parts: Part I: Server-side Performance Tuning delivered by Kimberly L. Tripp – which runs from Monday through Thursday, October 11 through the 15Part II: Client-side Data Access Best Practices delivered by William R. Vaughn on Friday, October 15. Monday through Friday the formal lecture […]

Is it Boeing or Bowing? Highlights from the ECC…

The week began with my playing shuttle bus, hotel rest stop and tour guide – and loving it… Friends from around the globe were landing in Seattle and so I was off to the airport (Monday) to greet them and get them over to the hotel. I live in Redmond and I own an SUV […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – Fragmentation, Deletes and the “Sliding Window” Scenario and it’s the LAST one!

People always ask me how I keep up to date with SQL Server and how I could possibly know so many intricate details about SQL Server… Well, I test/play/figure it out until it’s obvious (painfully sometimes and sometimes it’s not obvious). So, this blog entry is based on a specific question that made me want […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – Fragmentation Questions, Part III

Q: How do I interpret DBCC SHOWCONTIG WITH ALL_INDEXES on index id = 255 on a table with multiple text columns. I’m looking at a copy of last night’s production after running Maintenance Plan Optimizations. Scan density on table and all indexes is 99 – 100%. Logical Fragmentation is 0% for everything except text column […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – Fragmentation Questions, Part II

Q: Can I automate DBCC DBREINDEX to rebuild all tables on all databases on a server? Actually, yes and no… With stored procedures you’ll have a hard time changing database context without having to use dynamic string execution…. And so this can add a bit of frustration. BUT – it’s your lucky day (and really, […]

Blogging backlog – time to start catching up!!!

Well, I’ve not been 100% for the past couple of weeks – been a bit under the weather. I’m behind (go figure) and I have a lot of catching up to do! Thought I’d give you a heads up on what’s to come and what I’ve done recently (well, before I seemingly dropped off the […]