The impact of logging – terms and confusion!

First – for what is logging needed? This seems like an easy question – with possibly an easy answer… it’s to aid in transaction durability and help in recovery – when the system loses power. Simply put, the transaction log is a way for SQL Server to ensure that a transaction “survives” a power failure. […]

Scalable Share Databases are supported by SQL Server 2005 RTM

If you’re interested in scale-out improvements for reporting and read-only scenarios…check this out: KB 910378. This KB is actually a feature release KB and describes a new feature of SQL Server 2005 which allows multiple servers to simultaneously share the same database files on a SAN. This is NOT possible for read/write databases, only read-only […]

SQL Server 2005 Books Online Refresh

Many of you have probably already downloaded the refreshed Books Online but if not – you should! LOTS AND LOTS of updates/good stuff in there. Check it out: That should keep you busy for a bit! ;-) Happy New Year!kt