SQL 2000 v. 2005 – Using Top 100 Percent in a View

Well, it’s been a GREAT week here in Switzerland while working with my partner Trivadis. Today, we wrapped up a two-day course on Designing for Performance (in Geneva) while on Monday/Tuesday we did a two-day course on Indexing for Performance in Zurich. The food, the wine, the cheese, the butter, yum! Oh… and the questions/comments/technical […]

Immersion Events are back!

OK – so, lots of exciting things going on. I’ve just completed my first two day partner event in Zurich (first of two in Switzerland). Today I head over to Geneva by train so that I can deliver the second two day partner event there. The partner I’ve been working with in Switzerland is Trivadis and […]

Geeking out at 36,000 feet

So, I’ve now spent the last couple of hours playing with Database Mail and HTML formatted messages being sent to the SQLskills subscribers. It’s been a fun learning experience as I think I’ve found a bug with the email account name length…let’s just put it this way – don’t be too descriptive with your account […]

Events, Events and more Events

I’ve posted all of my demo content from TechEd 2006 and wow – it was a lot of fun! I created many new and fun demos as I tried to keep everyone awake through the sessions (cause it seems like there were way too many evening events – didn’t it? ;-)). All of the content […]

TechEd is over for me… I owe you some blog posts!

What a GREAT week here in Boston. I’m just about to pack up and go home (kind of). Right now it’s early and I think I’m still feeling really good from last night’s fun. The big party at Fenway, dinner on the town, walking around the city, etc… It was a beautiful spring (almost summer) […]

Data Dude Down Under

Another excellent podcast by Greg Low from SQLDownUnder. This week he hosted/interviewed Gert Drapers – the original Data Dude (even though he tells the real story in the podcast). Download the show here: SDU17FullShow.mp3 or here: SDU17FullShow.wma. Enjoy,kt

Getting ready for TechEd – it’s amazing what goes on behind the scenes!

Well, if you’re wondering why I’ve been so quiet this week… it’s a myriad of events all coming together and/or being finalized right in time for TechEd. In working really hard (especially crazy was today) for some final TechEd content, I realized that a lot of people don’t really know what goes on behind the […]

Just wondering – what SQL Server version are you using in production?

Hey there everyone – Out of curiosity, can you let me know (via comments to this blog entry) what version you’re using in production? AND – why? I guess I’d like to know some of the many reasons that you are staying with SQL Server 6.x or 7.0, if not SQL Server 2000 or SQL […]

DBAs definitely should NOT read this blog entry…

Ha… did that get your attention? Well, what I really hope to do is make everyone aware of what’s made the Developer Community rounds this week. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced “Data Dude” (aka the Visual Studio sku for Database Developers). This was an announcement that may be glanced over by many DBAs thinking it’s just […]

DotNetRocks got me again!

But – it was a lot more laid back this time… Once again, it was fun! Thanks Carl. Thanks Richard. Here the link for the show: http://www.dotnetrocks.com/default.aspx?showID=181 and of course, the general link to DNR is http://www.dotnetrocks.com. Enjoy,kt