Our Perfect Weekend…

OK, I’m not normally the one to blog a lot of personal stuff but there’s definitely a reason for a lot of my silence over the past couple of months……. I was planning a wedding. OK, Paul helped out more than you would expect – he met with the officiant (Annemarie of Annemarie Juhlian), the […]

Opinions wanted – are you considering skipping 2005?

I had a customer ask me about the debate of skipping SQL Server 2005 entirely and just moving straight to SQL Server 2008… I haven’t thought much about this as most of my direct customers have moved already BUT, I know there are a few out there that have not yet moved. So, I definitely […]

“EXECUTE AS” and an important update your DDL Triggers (for auditing or prevention)

DDL Triggers were a new feature of SQL Server 2005 and while seemingly simple, they are very powerful. DDL Triggers allow you to trap an attempted DDL operation to audit it, prevent it, or do anything you want to validate/verify/”authorize”/etc – you write the code. And, since a trigger fires as part of the transaction, […]