SQL Server 2005 and 2008 – Compression

OK, I still have a way to go in learning about data compression in SQL Server 2008 but one thing that I do know is that nothing is free. So, the trade-off will be performance (i.e. CPU) v. space. And, that’s not really a new trade-off wrt to compression. Sometimes that trade-off has other benefits […]

He could be doing worse things…

OK, so Paul could be doing worse things while I’m away… but, what was he doing? I guess you’ll have to read here and listen here. Enjoy!kt

SQL Server 2008 – Transparent Data Encryption

Does it sound too good to be true: transparent data encryption? Well, it kind of is and kind of isn’t. Let me explain. Transparent means that the application developer doesn’t do anything (and if you have a third party app in which you can’t do anything anyway, then this is even more important). Once enabled, the data […]

SQL Server Magazine Connections Spring 2008 – Call for presentations

With the November 5-9th SQL Connections conference in Las Vegas around the corner, Shirley Brothers, the Connections Conference Manager, would like to start planning the Spring show. And, for the Spring show forward, Paul and I will be the co-chairs of the SQL Connections conference. We would like to invite you to submit abstracts for […]

Follow on post to “The perils of case-insensitive data (and our life in tangent-land)”

OK, so thought I’d do a follow up to the post I did a couple of days ago titled: The perils of case-insensitive data (and our life in tangent-land). The reason I’d like to followup on it is that I received some excellent comments and I want to make sure that you’re all aware of the […]

November in Spain -> TechEd ITForum 2007

      OK, so after SQL Connections in Las Vegas, Paul and I head off to Barcelona for the second week of TechEd’s two week event (week one for developers and week two for IT professionals). November’s definitely a busy month. So, if you’re in the US – we hope to see you at […]

November in Las Vegas -> SQL Server Magazine Connections Fall Show

    OK, it’s about that time again – the Fall conference season – is here! Building on our co-presented Database Maintenance workshop at SQL Connections in Orlando, Paul and I are doing a *ton* of stuff at SQL Connections this Fall. The conference is back at the Mandalay Bay hotel and officially runs from […]

SQL Server 2008 offers partition-level lock escalation excellent, but…

OK, let me start by saying that I absolutely love when a feature improves in granularity options. Better granularity in locks means that contention is reduced and concurrency improved. And even though the overhead to manage smaller locks (and typically more of them) is usually higher – the improved concurrency benefits often significantly outweight the […]

The perils of case-insensitive data (and our life in tangent-land)

OK, have you ever been working on one thing…that led you to another (and another and another) and then you seem to have lost hours? OK, I know. That’s our life [in the computer industry and I’m sure others!] – putting out fires and chasing strange behaviors that we eventually call “gremlins” when we really […]