TechEd has completed!

I started this post while Paul and I were in the TechEd Bloggers Lounge… which, from the number of folks “stopping by” must be more of an online thing :). We did have lots of folks visit with us in the DAT “Green” area but in the bloggers lounge, I thought I’d blog (maybe that’s […]

Indexes in SQL Server 2005/2008 – Part 2 – Internals

OK, I first posted on some of the limitations to indexes in SQL Server 2005 and 2008 in part one here. Now, I want to dive into index internals for a post (or two). And, I often get the question “who is the best audience for your blog – or, for this post” and well, […]

Time for TechEd ITPro and, it’s hot as hell here in Orlando………

Memorial Day weekend we were in Chicago to celebrate my Father’s life. We did a “Celebration of Life” memorial and we had a few drinks (celebratory Meyers, Tonic and lime – which was my Father’s favorite drink), we (7 of us) gave a few heartfelt speeches, and a few friends wrote a song (and passed […]