Just added – NEW SQL Immersion Event in Bellevue, WA – in August

It's official! We're doing another 5-day SQL Immersion Event (our ever-popular 5-day Deep Dive into Internals, Performance and Maintenance) this year in the US! We decided to have a class near Seattle because Washington is *fabulous* in August! The class will cover our best content in these areas: On-disk structures: how the data is stored […]

(OLD): A new and improved sp_helpindex (jokingly sp_helpindex8)

NOTE: I’ve released other versions of sp_helpindex since this post. Check out the category: sp_helpindex rewrites for all of the options! OK, I first blogged about re-writing sp_helpindex here as sp_helpindex2 (April 2008). Shortly thereafter (Aug 2008), a reader found a bug and when I went digging, so did I (a couple of others). I did […]

Determining the position of search arguments in a join

As a follow-on discussion to my SQL Server Magazine Q&A titled “Determining the position of search arguments in a join” where I was responding to a reader question about whether or not search arguments could be moved up into the FROM clause instead of placed in the WHERE clause and whether or not it would improve […]

Upcoming Events for May, June, July and August – including a new Immersion Event!

OK, it seems like when it rains it pours! I still have a few blog posts on my ToDo list and I do hope to get to them over the next few days (one that I've promissed to the SQL MCM folks in this month's rotation as well so now there's even more pressure!). Anyway, […]